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No Rubio, no Neto, no problem?


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Looks like the Donovon for point guard crowd get their wish tonight. Rubio and Neto out with hamstring tightness. I'm glad there was a little break for all star, otherwise fatigue from b2b and no pg would scare the hell out of me with with the extra load on Mitchell. Gonna be a tough one tonight.


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Too bad....I like watching the Jazz when Rubio is calling the shots! Seems like we almost always get a decent shot!


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Better question is why is lindsey not signing another point guard? Is holding onto Cavanaugh really a priority?

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Ugh. It was a scheduled loss anyway, so whatever. But it doesn't bode well that all three of our point guards are once again out due to injury. Seems like Rubio's will be a problem going forward through the rest of the season if it's already flaring up after the long All-Star break. And Neto seems to be hurt more often than Exum this season. Boo.

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Rubio and Neto concern me more than Exum since the hamstring issues keep recurring. Really need Exum to get over the bone bruise. Would be nice to still have Burks around. Could really use another guard.