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Great effort by both teams. I’d like to know the ratings for this series now. Game 5 could be lit.

The refs were unbelievable tonight. That might’ve been the worst officiated game of the playoffs. Booker should’ve fouled out twice. His tackle of holiday was a HOF missed call.

That no call on Booker was brutal.

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I honestly dont notice the officiating as much on games that arent Jazz games. The no-call for #6 was obviously terrible, but other than that it felt even. Booker also had kind of a touch foul for his 5th foul that sat him out significant amount of time.


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For the record, the jazz lowest scoring game in the 2021 playoffs was 104 points. (and they were missing their second best offensive player for much of the playoffs. Including the game when they scored 104. When conley played the jazz averaged 123 points per game)
The suns have scored less than 104 points in 8 games in these playoffs (and also scored exactly 104 once)
Suns have scoring games in these playoffs of 99, 102, 95, 100, 92, 84, 102, 100, 103, and 104.


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Monty really shouldn't have pulled Booker with 5 fouls.

If only he knew that him taking a 6th foul was literally impossible.
I think Booker actually cost his team the game with his 5th foul. It was a silly emotional play, and it came after he complained to the refs after they missed an OOB call on PJ Tucker, which they called on Booker.

I think last night was the first time the Suns have really collapsed mentally this season. Game 5 for them as a very, very young team will be telling.

All things considered, I still feel the Suns are a little better than Milwaukee, but I don't see anyway this series doesn't end in 7.

Now... if Chris Paul doesn't figure himself out soon, AND the NBA assigns Scott Foster to Game 5, night night Suns. They will get blown out at home, and they will get closed out in 6.


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Jazz really need to add value wherever they can. Finding a new Royce, Ingles would alleviate so many of the problems.

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So this Finals sure became interesting. Who would’ve guess that Bud would be “dog walking” anybody? Now the Bucks are one game away… this play was epic. The “wow” factor for me was close to Lebron’s block on AI:



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What a dirty *** play from Paul by the way. Dude straight shoved him in the air. If Giannis doesn’t catch himself on the rim it could be been really bad.
To be fair though, Giannis did the exact same thing to Booker earlier in the game, and Booker got ticked off.

I don't think CP3 intended to hurt Giannis there, he was trying to do everything he could to prevent him from making the dunk (seems foolish lol). But CP3 does have a reputation for being dirty, so who knows what he was thinking.