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Game Thread Nov 10, 2023 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Grizzlies (Tournament)

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It’s not just threading the needle… he threw three passes down the middle of the court. For those of us that play basketball you know throwing a pass down the middle from the middle is TOUGH… you have to see the whole court because any player can get a hand on it. Maybe he got lucky but those reads are awesome.

His other passes are great too as they are on time and in the shooters pocket.
Uh it's not commentary on the pass. It's commentary about the commentary of the pass. The passes have been awesome.
I dont think he is compensating, I think he's just trying to be a PG and it's really hard so he can't run the scoring and facilitating parts of his brain at the same time yet.
I think he can. I think he’s playing this way on purpose.
That's a weird challenge. Both going for the ball, bimbo missed it. Collins flushed it with a ton of contact.

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Imagine complaining about our rookie PG who has 8 assists with 8:28 in the 3rd. If this was THT you’d be posting about it every minute.
I'm not complaining at all. Like I said, he's learning how to play PG. He's turning off the scoring part of his brain to do it currently. It's just a fact. At some point he will have to learn to have both on.