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Game Thread Nov 14, 2023 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Trail Blazers (Tournament)

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Yay, we get to see this god awful eyesore of a court

I think it will look cool with the jerseys to match
Maybe. This could just be old man Nate screaming at the clouds but I hate these courts so much.

At least this one (and the ones with lighter greys, blues, and the few that still have some natural wood color) aren't as horrible on the eyes as the horrific Bulls/Blazers/Heat courts. And yes, the tournament jerseys are actually better than the usual Jazz jerseys, but only because they are the suckiest bunch of suck that's ever sucked.
We have to be in the worst division for this thing, right? I think we have a legit change at getting to the next phase, and we are awful this year.
I hope our players have enjoyed this break, but it's been too long for me.
So we are undefeated in this tournament with another likely win coming tonight. We gonna be the champions of this thing in its first year or what?