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Game Thread Nov 15, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs Knicks

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Wild first half.

To be honest I did not see us coming out so strong, Reddish playing so great, and us leading by 17 at the half.
Looking forward to second half.
I do respect MELOtheJAZZkiller

He has been trolling this forum for a millennium. That right there is absolute dedication and he willl ALWAYS pop up every time he needs to. I think I have grown to appreciate such determination.
Jazz do a good job with the presentation and the talent. Watching LP with the Pistons the other night and the girl hit a couple prominent clams on the Anthem, and all of a sudden we’re watching team highlights instead.:p
Is it Hartenstein or Hartenschtein?

I'm assuming Stein, because Boler keeps calling him Schtein and he's usually wrong.