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Game Thread Nov 15, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs Knicks

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Step-Back Hook

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First real pass to Lauri on three-line, when we had in fact almost lost the game...

What the hell was this ****-show.
Bright spots were KO and Kessler, but JC gotta take adamn look at the mirror.
How we won all those games? We won them moving the ball so creating open shots for all, and each quarter.
What that means it means all of us were having touches and readiness to punish whenever.
When the ball movement dies too much, some of the shots gets too hard. There was tons of open looks in the 4th as well, if the rock just moved.

Elizah Huge

Respect All, Fear None
This worst part about these past three games is our effort and Hardy’s adjustments.

Jericho Sims had 8 offensive rebounds tonight and that was just pure effort by him.

MT Steve

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Not sure how I feel about the team as a whole, but I am excited about a few individual players.

Lauri's an omega stud. Kessler's a stud. Beasley is solid. THT is showing tangible improvement since the start of the season and is only 21. I don't like Vando as a starter but I think he'd be excellent off the bench.

Hopefully we can sell high on some vets and go from there.

MT Steve

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So it has begun, just as planned... - Danny Ainge probably.

Anyway, so what the Jazz won or lost. We weren't expected to be a great team. Quit the whining and just enjoy the season. Don't get your hopes up that much for this jazz team.
The loss doesn't bother me much, but I do hope to see no more Gay and a lot more Kessler at the very least. Those things do bother me.