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Game Thread Nov 25, 2022 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Warriors

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No, potential assist only come off shots were an assist could be counted bud.
Explain further. Any pass is a potential assist if the receiver of the pass shoots the ball after receiving the pass.
Sexton tearing it up in the suns game already. Assist on first possession. Bucket on the second one. Good defense too.
Its dumb to compare stats between Sexton and Conley. Mike has played in only 1 role whereas Sexton has had to fill in various roles throught the season.

Also Conley has had the benefit of Sexton coming off the bench proving the 6th man scoring. Who does Sexton have who can do that? Roster is definitively worse with Conley out, and Collin has had to play with that.

Eye ball test tells Sexton is getting better, and that is what we need to trust. Stats are not bad either.

Plus y'all Sexton haters seem to forget how Mike played in our previous 3 loss stretch. He was stone cold in shooting (even worse % than JC) which was one of the main reasons we lost them. And lets not pretend Mike is a lockdown defender either...

Lauri has been quiet lately, but I feel like thats more of a Lauri problem than PG problem. He hasnt played as physical and aggressive and his mid-range game has been off. He is being shadowed or doubled on offense a lot. He hasnt had that kind of attention before in his career, so he needs to learn how to play through that and also to use his gravity to benefit others.

Sexton would have even more assists these past few games if Beasley hit his shots at his earlier clip.