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Game Thread Nov 25, 2022 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Warriors

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Saint Cy of JFC

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This is only the 2nd time in the entire season the Jazz have gotten blown out. @ Golden State, where they are 9-1 at home.
They definitely played well in phases, but it also felt like the Warriors were on auto-pilot for much of the game.

The initial THT/Beasley minutes really hurt. THT and Beasely had some nice connections. THT found him on 3 or 4 wide open 3's, just didnt make them, and the game spiraled. Maybe it is all the travel/games giving the Jazz dead legs.

Sexton's definitely getting better passing out of the stuff that he does, but he still has too many bad decision making moments and the whole team is making a lot of low IQ decisions on both ends.


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This is what I was kinda expecting before the season tbh.
The game was actually competitive thru about 3 quarters. Warriors are tough at home.
A few of our guys are getting better.