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Game Thread Nov 25, 2022 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Warriors

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Why the **** did KO pump fake on that three?
We play PHX in >24 hrs and the Bulls on Monday. 3 games in 4 days, give these guys a breather.
Bad coaching trying to win this unwinnable game.
NAW is working his *** off defensively.
I have liked pretty much everything he has been doing out there today. Might be playing his way into THT's part of the rotation. THT is just such a bad outside shooter that its hard for him to be good enough everywhere else to warrant minutes. He is elite at being a bad outside shooter.
Watching NAW just really makes me want Anthony Black on this roster. A big 6'-7" do everything guy with handles would be amazing for this team.
I almost don't even want to watch our b2b @ Phx tomorrow just as a silent protest against this **** schedule.

8 of the next 9 at home after that - team will look much better once it's no longer being flung all across the country on a nightly basis against the best teams.
Such a fun and stupid and futile run
Hey he used a challenge!
Thats a foul
Wow. Im shocked