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Game Thread Nov 26, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

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@Phoenix is a schedule loss for anyone.

Hopefully we either make them work for it or if it gets out of hand we rest starters and give solid minutes to end of bench (maybe also give Ochai some minutes with some of our starters?).


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this one will be tough. I think we lose tonight and then go on a nice winning streak and get right back to the top of the western conference.

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I'm encouraged by the fact that the Suns were also in action last night (barely got by the Pistons), where the starters played big minutes. Although I'd like nothing better than to steal another game from them, I know that I'll still have to listen to site detractors reminding us that it's not a "representative win" because Paul is still out of the lineup (our guys don't count apparently).

Go Jazz!!!! Positive thoughts everybody, especially you closet tankers out there!