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Game Thread Oct 21, 2022 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Timberwolves

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It’s everything… it’s not just the over reaction to good stuff and bad but the way he does it is awkward. The fact he does it on **** that obvious… the weird leg kick out thing… even in his personal life he does cringy things. I just hate watching him… crazy low IQ guy for a star imo.
Sounds like the typical NBA fan reaction to Gobert.
I actually like Kelly Olynyk now (despite all the weird passes). I’m scared.
Olynyk will be fine. He averages less turnovers per a game in his career than Rudy and probs touches the ball three times as much. Some on the board like to make sweeping generalizations on one or two games. I'm old enough to remember when several declared Kessler's defense wouldn't translate to the NBA after one preseason game. ONE PRESEASON GAME. It's the ever growing "I know everything" with little to no information society.
I've actually enjoyed watching KAT. The awkward stuff he does is kind of fun. He has made the biggest effort to involve Gobert than anyone on the Wolves. He just makes some dumb plays at times.
He's just unique and fun. He's athletic but ground bound. He's so long it looks alien. I just like watching him move.

I think he is really fun too because he makes me laugh due to his horrible shot selection, decision making, recklessness, fatness, and his irrational confidence. He is probably my second favorite player to watch right now and if we actually get this tank goong, he will we the commander

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All-time great at both. Vandy's above average, but it's a long way from there to all-time great.

Agreed. I think he has a better chance at improving his handles and playmaking to become like draymond than he does to get to rodmans level of defense and reboinding.

Its nice that Vanderbilt isnt as unlikeable as either of those ****s too.

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