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Game Thread Oct 21, 2022 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Timberwolves

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I was looking forward to a season where I could watch a couple games, catch the highlights and not spend hours every other night over a game.

Yep me too. Im just as invested as always now. sigh

Coach Ellis

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Beasley wasn’t having any of the tanking talk during the off-season. I bet a bunch of the guys are rallying around that. They aren’t trying to lose.
And they shouldn’t. It’s coaches and players jobs to win. They should do whatever it takes. Their jobs are on the line otherwise.

It’s a GM’s job to tank. Especially when he has a willing owner and a mandate. At this rate, the Jazz are going to get both Lakers picks for Conley, Clarkson and Beasley.

And then Sexton, THT, Markkanen, Vando and Kessler are going to get handed the reins.


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This team just play as a team, good energy, helping each other with some real leaders ( JC, Mike, Lauri). Roster is really deep and coach seems to be very smart. Things that we did not have last year.....