*OFFICIAL* 17 on 26, Donovan Mitchell is the Monta Ellis watch thread


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I served my ban time. I'm conservative. Favors used to be my fav jazz player, pretty tough fit for a racist. Also I stick to basketball talk now, so mind your own business, you pussi.
Oh, sexist too, of course.

Congrats on having a black friend. Also, it's possible to be a conservative and not be complete trash, but I admit it confirms my bias that you would conflate the two.


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Anybody know how to find out what DM finishing within three feet percentage is vs. the league average?


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We've seen enough. Play, stats, results, all nearly identical. We need to pray Utah finds their Steph to Monta and that DL doesn't anything irrational by giving Mitchell a bloated contract that will chain this team down for years.

You’re the dumbest of all dumbs.

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Oh dear lord. Praise Jesus you’re not our GM.

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