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Official Announcement! Gameface Poker Resurrection -- Saturday Apr. 23rd @7pm


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Gameface No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament
Saturday, April 23rd @ 7pm MDT
Seating is Limited

Where: Gameface's basement (in West Jordan near Jordan Landing)
When: Saturday, April 23rd at 7pm MDT

Why: Because people at the last mini-meetup made me think it would be a good idea
How: Show up, buy-in, sit down and play cards

What: NL Texas Hold'em Tournament
Buy-in: $20 (no rebuys or add-ons)
Starting Chips: 10,000
Expected Duration: 4hrs
Max Players: 20 (I expect to fill up)
Side action: There will be BOTH an optional $10 bounty and $10 high hand jackpot (see details below)

As Always: All money paid in will be paid out to the winners. The house collects no fee, rake or any other form of compensation. I do not accept tips and I have no advantage in the game. All players who participate pay the same buy-in and receive the same amount of chips.

If I have never met you please send me a PM to confirm your RSVP. Please note that you MUST be 21 years old or older to play.

There are a number of people other than Jazzfanz who will be participating. Please RSVP as soon as you can to make sure you get a seat. If your plans change please change your RSVP status as soon as possible so that someone else can sign up.

Feel free to bring your own drinks. Please drink responsibly and have a plan for getting home safely.

Feel free to bring food to share, but it is not required.

​If you are willing to deal on the second table until we combine on the final table please let me know. I greatly appreciate anyone willing to do that.

Optional bounty and high hand jackpot.

If you participate in the bounty you will receive a bounty chip. If one bounty participant eliminates another bounty participant they collect that person's bounty chip. If a bounty participant is eliminated by a non-bounty participant they will retain their chip and can cash it in for $10. If a bounty participant has collected bounty chips from other players they keep those chips even if they are eliminated by another bounty participant. They only forfeit their original bounty chip. Once a bounty participant has been eliminated they can cash in any bounty chips they have collected for $10 each.

If you elect to participate in the high hand jackpot you are responsible to notify the tournament director (me) when you have the current highest hand. We will start by recording the first full house of the night and then update the list as players get higher and higher hands. Once the tournament is over the person with the highest hand, who participated in the high hand jackpot will receive all of the money collected for the high hand jackpot. If you fail to notify the tournament director of a qualifying high hand that hand will not be recorded and will not be eligible. No exceptions.
Okay, so a couple Jazzfanzers in so far. I have four friends from work who are in. I'm in, my wife is in, her friend Susan who played in the league is in.

That's 9. 11 more seats.
I'm very confident this will get filled up. I think I will accept more than 20 RSVPs. I can use my large table upstairs as a third table and allow up to 30 players. Don't want anyone to miss out.
Oh, there will be Playoff Push Rye IPA and Third Cousin Scottish Export Ale on tap and YES if I don't drink all of that one first.
Besides myself I have five in and one maybe from jazzfanz
Uh... I'm in now that I know you are all cool and wont steal my kindeys or if you do it will go to cool people.
So we're up to ten from jazzfanz. Looking good to fill up.
Okay, I'm super pumped.

Lot's of work to do! I hope this is the best tournament I've ever hosted.