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Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

Elizah Huge

Respect All, Fear None


As of today would be the #9 pick in the draft.



As of today would be tied for the #13 pick in the draft.



As of today would be the #27 pick in the draft.

We own Minnesota’s pick unprotected and get the lesser of Brooklyn/Philadelphia/Houston’s picks.
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Nets lost and Ben Simmons looks like a poor man’s Bruce brown… Philly vibes are garbage right now.
Would be insane if the Wolves miss the playoffs. I’d be here for it though.
The league is so competitive that any type of long term injury to Gobert, Kat or Ant would likely make them a borderline playoff team. The same goes for the nets and sixers with Durant and Embiid. Both are injury prone players and I'm not sure either team makes the playoffs if one of those guys goes down for an extended period.
Towns hasn't looked good so far, especially defensively. Anthony Edwards is supposed to take a step and close games, and he hasn't been very reliable. Rudy seems to be doing his thing. The Gobert trade has also hurt the T'wolves' depth. Pat Bev, Beasley and Vanderbilt were all contributors. They're not a very tough or physical team right now.
Only 4 games into the season. Barring major injuries to star players, all 3 teams will most likely be in the playoffs.
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