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Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

Cant remember which thread we were talking about taking the 4th pick and losing to the chance at top 3. Ya, give me that deal please. Aint not way we are getting into the top three.
Clarkson will be back really soon and sexton probably too. We are probably making the playoffs. Only hope now is that we knock minny out of the playoffs.

If Ant and KAT don't play the remaining games, which the probability has increased, the T'Wolves pick is a lottery pick.
Would be hilarious if it comes to a coin toss... cos we're keeping both picks right? LOL ..
Don’t jinx it. I know you think the income is irrelevant but after being way too invested in this over the decades, I can promise you that we could walk out of that coin toss with an outcome that screws us. Don’t underestimate it just because it doesn’t seem feasible to you now.