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Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

I'm torn because I'd like Dallas to push Minny to the lower half of the playin or even to 11th in a dream world, but watching Luka and Cubans whiny asses lose is fun. Chaos and dysfunction is always fun when it's not the 2020-2022 Jazz
It would definitely take more than 2 more wins to make the play-in, probably more like 4 or 5.
We currently have one less win and one more loss than the team sitting 10th. That is 2 wins not 4 or 5.
But yeah, not playing again to me says the Finnisher might be done for the season, so if that is true, unlikely we make the play in no matter how hard we play,and the coaches are then instantly on board with the front office plan to increase our odds at a higher pick in the name of development smh
If the Finnisher were half a man he'd demand they let him play
Are you implying @MT Steve isn't a hardcore fan?

Cos he is you know.

The Jazz must win every single game according to him. Or else!!!
One Love saw me enjoying the wins over the Celtics and Kings and just started beating the hell out of a strawman.


What did this poor man ever to do you.