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Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

Hopefully the Jazz are able to do something impressive with the cap space acquired from the Conley trade that makes it a worthwhile trade in the immediate future then the Lakers pick materializes down the line
Jazz had the least amount of power in the trade. Why? Because we wanted to get off a large salary in 2023/2024 and we had the most assets.

The Lakers gave up the most valuable piece and are asset poor. All they got in the trade were rotation players on expiring contracts. I would certainly argue they should have had to give up more, but they had nothing to give.

Utah was in the biggest position of desperation. From the reports they had other trades for Beasley/Vanderbilt but no one wanted to take on Conley because of his contract for next year. And that's the biggest sticker, no one was going to take Conley for free. Utah clearly wanted to free up playing time to see what Sexton had as a starter and free up space for free agency.

Minnesota was the team who got the least valuable (not talking about player quality, but what the market value was) pieces, so they had the most power. Like HH was saying, DLo was playing very well on an individual level, so they could believably play the hand of being OK with sticking with Russell. The Lakers had nothing to squeeze so they had to turn to Utah (where having so many assets is a negative) to squeeze as a price of being a conduit to complete the trade.
If we’re not tanking next year though Conley would have been a nice piece to have. Why are we wanting to get off of his contract?
Actually i do think this trade make sense for many reasons :

- Jazz coud not rely on Mike. He is getting old and if we are good in 2 years, Mike might get catch by time so i can understand DA plus his salary. We get space and hopefully we got a top player for next season.
- Minny want to get rid of DLo. Individual player with awful defense and TO prone. They clearly knew they will never win with him. Plus the fact that they desperatly need to improve Rudy game and Mike can help. The funny point is that Minny fan seems to consider Mike as very good defender, which just show how bad Dlo was. Mike is average defender, smart on crutch time but not good defender. So Minny improve ( better defense, TO down from 15.9 to 11.7 after the trade, Rudy back to his level) and they don't need a scoring PG as offense is on ANT and KAT shoulders mostly.
- Lakers get DLO, Beasley and Vando, Good pick with Vando and get rid of Russ but for the rest, another move that probably do not bring them far. But it's quite normal as Lakers do not have the smartest Front office....

The only 2 bad points for me in this trade are :
- IF we are good next year, Mike would have been very useful.
- We make Minnny better this year and the pick we got from them will probably not be good.
We had the least amount of leverage and ended up with the most valuable asset. Sounds pretty good to me.
I’d rather have the most amount of leverage and end up with nothing, aka the New York Knicks. I can’t believe how much we regret not doing that trade to give them Donovan.
LA and Minny had to make trades, we didn't. Now if we were going to tank it makes sense but we unloaded 3 solid pieces and now we're just barely on the outside looking in for the playoffs. We may miss the playoffs and screw up a high pick Without us, Minny is stuck with DLo and the team struggles. Without us LA is stuck with RW.

I don't buy that that Lakers aren't going to have a chance to rebuild and even if they completely suck the pick is protected... Lightly but that pick lost value. To me, that's where the trade shifts in the other direction. Hopefully I'm wrong and that pick becomes of higher value in a trade of some sort but as I said, it being protected kind of defeated the importance of that pick. That pick is so valuable strictly because of the potential of it being a top 4 pick. That's the entire premise behind it being valuable.

My 2 cents anyways.
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