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Quotes from around the league after Game 5-"Raptors- Jazz eating good"


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Pre Game

Court and unis look sick

Warriors- Does Ja get his dunk on Gobert?

1st Half

Hawks- That Utah offense is so damn exciting when he’s out there... Elite young talent

Heat- My goodness Mitchell cooked that man like well done steak

Nuggets- raining 3’s

Grizzlies- This seems problematic

Hawks- It is not an ideal situation for the Grizzlies

NBA- Utah is up 40-19. They are 8-10 from 3. There are four minutes left in the first quarter.

Absolute clinic by the Jazz tonight. Firing on all cylinders, looks like this will be the first game of the series that isn't a complete nailbiter.

Mitchell with 14 points on 6-8 shooting in limited minutes.

NBA- I’m excited for this to be Utah’s year. They’re such a wholesome team, and they really are working to get rid of the toxicity amongst their fans.

There’s no reason they can’t be the new Spurs, with a good showing every few years.

NBA-Utah can just vomit out a stream of 3s at a moments notice and 2 minutes later your down 20 wtf lol GET ME OFF THIS RIDE

Bulls- what the ****

NBA- Damn looks like they gonna get alot of rest

Hawks- UTAH!!!!

They stop facing the Rockets in the playoffs and turn into Rockets

Lakers- Wait, they scored 40 points in 8 minutes? wtf

Celtics- Yeah I never bought into the questions about the Jazz in the playoffs on offense, to me the concern was always about their defense and specifically their lack of versatility in things they are able to do, there are several weak links to attack and their point of attack defense is suspect and they don't have any wing stoppers either.

But this is a historically elite offensive team top to bottom.

Which is why a potential Jazz-Clippers series would be lots and lots of fun and lots and lots of points.

Grizzlies- He plays like he is 5 inches taller than he is. It's crazy

Suns- If Utah going to shoot like this, GG Memphis. Better luck next year.

Lakers- Wow jazz

Grizzlies- Jazz, y'all better be shooting lights out from 3 after this series. This is annoying.

Hey, I just got here, What did I miss?

Suns- Utah looks dialed in.

NBA- Utah legit have aim hacks

Grizzlies- It gets demoralizing that even if you do everything right they still hit a contested three in your face. Whatcha gonna do?

Warriors- God damn, jazz just nailing 3s already

NBA- Memphis.....its not working bruh

Bucks- Well **** this was quick

Grizzlies- I thoroughly disagree with the Jazz’s decision to never miss a shot.

NBA- 28 points in 5:24!?

Nuggets- Am I the only one impressed how they have gotten almost all the arena to always wear the color matched shirts?

Grizzlies- Yikes

Suns- Annihilation mode.

Timberwolves- Just got my laundry out and the game is already over

Sonics- That's a real **** you of a possession from Mitchell

Trailblazers- Not trying to get too inflammatory with a spicy hot take, but the jazz might be good folks.

NBA- Hello 911, I would like to report a man on fire in Salt Lake City

Pacers- Donovan Mitchell is so fun hahahaha I love this

Grizzlies- Jazz play with modern analytics, we do not

NBA- The Jazz have 38 points on 19 possessions, right? That’s an efficiency of 2 points per possession.


Grizzlies- Regress to the average you cowards

Sonics- Jazz are up by a million and the fans are still booing Brooks lol

Sonics- DM had 17 points and 3 assists in < 7 min

Dude is a superstar

Grizzlies- Donovan Mitchell is clearly just not good at basketball. Jazz should bench him rest of the game for sure.

Grizzlies- O'Neal is so much better this year

Lakers- So the Jazz decide that they’re just gonna get it over with fast so people don’t even try to find streams.

I can respect that

NBA- Wtf how they let the jazz score 47 in the first quarter?

Grizzlies- How did they not call that foul on Jonas? Wasn't dirty at all, but they call bogus flops all the time but ignore actual contact to the face? Come on refs.

Grizzlies- This is an *** beating.

Lakers- What a ****ing clinic

Pistons- Your ball movement is cooking Memphis, they keep over-helping and leaving shooters wide open

Bucks- Well **** this game is done. It's one of those days where everyone gets eliminated huh

Knicks- Utah scored as many points in 1 quarter than we did in a half

Grizzlies- Alright Jazz, no need to rub it in. Just sit Donovan the rest of the game please so he doesn't get hurt and so my feelings get less hurt

Pistons- Jazz for sure have the coolest looking court and jerseys this season. Those are fire.

Grizzlies- All the Jazz do is not miss from 3 and turn the ball over

Bulls- Jesus Christ there's still 25% of the quarter left

Raptors- Just flipped the channel to this game. Uh, what is going on?

Raptors- Seeing Utah fans in coloured shirts - **** I love the playoffs

Grizzlies- Quin has adjusted a lot more than Jenkins this series

NBA- Watching this Australian stream and there's a commercial making fun of Simmons for not being able to make 3's...WTF is an Australian 4 and 20 Fan Snack?

Bucks- When the Jazz are on, they're the scariest team in the NBA.

Lakers- Are you guys watching Donovan Mitchell right now. He could put 50 on any team, in any game. Unreal.

Raptors- Jazz eating good

Nets- Combination of a few things: underrated young stars like Donovan Mitchell, defensive focused players like Rudy Gobert who are never as popular in the media (despite winning multiple defensive player of the year awards), as well as what you said about really meshing together well. A lot of times the star loaded teams don’t “try” as much during the regular season or end up being injured a good amount of time, like how the nets big 3 who only played 7 games together all regular season, or lebron who infamously takes it slower during the regular season.

Warriors- Grizzlies not built for today's NBA. They spend 80% of energy and body contortions to get 2 points... Jazz come back with a 3 with 40% energy.

2nd Half

Raptors- They are winning the West

Grizzlies- Silver lining: if you take away the Jazz’s 91 points, Grizzlies are up 60-0.

NBA- Gobert is the engine of this team.

But holy ****, is Don the wheels, brakes, and the turbocharger.

NBA- This version of the Jazz is better than the Brooklyn Nets. Lord almighty.

Bulls- There's still a half left and Memphis has made it's fair share of comebacks, but I get the sense that they left everything they had in the tank in game 4 at home and have nothing left in the tank tonight. I would love to be wrong though and see if the Grizzlies can fight back in this one.

Pistons- Memphis loves contested 2s man lol

Sonics- Throw the benchwarmers in. Jazz resting now while the rest of the west eats each other alive

Post Game

Lakers- Mhm I am starting to think this Jazz team might be better with Donovan Mitchell.

Lakers- No surprise that you guys lost in a close one without him. The Jazz are really scary

Grizzlies- This is a good, honest .429 playoff basketball team. We play .429 ball goddammit. Salt of the earth, punch the clock, even win/loss ratio basketball. We lose a couple, guess what? We'll win a couple, too. But don't get too excited or let it go to your head. No long winning streaks here, no sir. That's hubris, which this blue collar, hard working everyman team doesn't have. A few wins in a row, these guys, true to form, will balance it out with a couple a losses. Yes sir, that's my 2021 Grizzlies. A good, honest .429 playoff basketball team.

Yes I counted our wins against Spurs and Warriors as they are pretty much playoff games.

Wished this game was more competitive but hey we fought to the end. Also, for 4 out of 5 games we gave Jazz hell. They just got too much firepower for us to handle and have more experience in this game. Can’t ask for much really other than I wish we took them to 6 or 7. Hopefully, we can improve our defensive woes and 3 pt woes. GG WP. Fade me and see y’all next season.

Grizzlies- Our garbage unit is better than your garbage unit, so suck it Utah.

Warriors- Hell yea Utah. Mitchell is a stud

Grizzlies- That shot of Mitchell and Dillon hugging was actually so sweet. Get Mike a ring you Jazz ****ers!

Lakers- Clarkson made the Jazz so much better than last year

Warriors- I was rooting for the Jazz because I'm still salty, but Utah fans are blessed to have Mitchell. That man is different.

Lakers- But man Utah is such an impressive team. Kind of wanted to not believe in their regular season but they play so well together and move the ball really well. They give me some 2014 Spurs vibes

76ers- Remember when people thought the Warriors would have a good chance at upsetting the Jazz