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Quotes from Blazers' after the game and around the league-"Every night another random jazz player is that guy."


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Post Game

Good game, Rip City. Jazz are a deeper team, and tonight it was shown. Both lost key players and Utah was able to maintain the dictation of tempo and sustain the runs by the Blazers.

Utah played some great defense. Kudos to them for that.

Impressive back to back for Utah.

How did we go from a team that was one of the most exciting to watch, to being downright disgusting????? Like I am not enjoying this lol

It’s obvious our team as constructed isn’t a contender. We’ll need to make bigger moves at the deadline and off-season. I just hope we can start to pick it up against cause this isn’t looking good

These refs suck *** so bad, and not in a good way

Jordan Clarkson turned into prime MJ

We’ve been solved. All it takes to beat us is to keep it close and then let a role player take over in the clutch

Man this Clarkson dude is a walking bucket....

Trail Blazers really like losing all of a sudden. Be better.

What happened to attacking the basket like the first few games of the season? That seemed to work for wins. Stop with the outside shooting, especially when it's not falling.

We should start considering load management with Lillard. Maybe don't suit up every few games. Be fresher for the playoffs (if we make it) and give Sharpe more development minutes. Win-win.

Hate that Dame is hurting but he can't let a lack of self awareness kill the team on nights like tonight. 1 for 12 from three when you are the point guard and team leader is inexcusable.

Just like the Nets game, it was very winnable. Not capitalizing on Utah's ice cold first quarter shooting was a huge missed opportunity. How do you come out of that quarter only up six?

Nurk got a lot of grief tonight, but I'm just glad to see him making his bunnies. Best shooting night in a year for him.

Nurk would have been a great center in the 80s and 90s. I just dont like his style in today's game. You see how much better an athletic and mobile Eubanks can be at times.

A positive spin: Blazers almost won this game despite a completely dysfunctional first half and maybe the worst professional game played by Lillard.

I haven't been to a home game since vs the Pistons back in like 2016, i was shocked at how...WEAK the blazer crowd was. hardly any energy until the fourth quarter, even during that hot start when we jumped out to a 21-7 lead

Ggs clarkson is a beast. We had no answer for him in clutch time. Y’all got a squad of dawgs

Quotes from around the league

You guys just did what the Celtics did aren't tanking just retooled with Lauri Legend

Jordan Clarkson is that guy pal

I like watching the Jazz more than my own team

The Jazz are a fun team to watch. I'm starting to think that this might be sustainable for them.

They were saying that the jazz will be the most boring team to watch, today I have to agree with experts, Jazz are just too good that it is not entertaining anymore to see other team crushed so badly

This was the first time I've gotten to actually sit down and watch (most of) a Jazz game. Some quick thoughts:

Jordan Clarkson is a bucket. Always has been, always will be.

I knew about Markkanen's scoring, but man, the dude can pass too. Only two assists on the night but he made some really nice reads— it's not like he's some point forward or anything, but I didn't realize he had that in his bag.

God damn, that off-ball movement. It honestly felt a lot like watching my Celtics out there this year— Hardy's system looks a lot like Mazzulla's, which I guess shouldn't be that surprising, but he's making it work without any single truly elite shot creator.

I know I'm not the first to make this comparison, but this team really does give me a similar feeling to the 2015 Hawks. More offensively slanted than that team was, but it's the same vibe— no superstars, just a bunch of really solid dudes moving the ball and playing team basketball.

Is Ainge getting enough love in Utah?

Every night another random jazz player is that guy.

Jazz is a real deal. They've won several close games. A fluke usually can't win and perform in the clutch.

The Blazers was so focus on guarding Lauri and Beasley and forgetting Clarkson is just waiting to get full his takeover then switch it on in the last min

The jazz might just be the surprise of the season

I swear to ****ing God the jazz are so lucky, every freaking time seems to absolutely **** the bed on open 3s against them and it makes no ****ing sense. like it's an open 3, how does Utah keep getting away with it?

Utah you are good lol.

Man...I just don't like Olynyk. But would love to have him on my team though.

Damn Utah is talented, well coached AND have composure.

Oof. Legit.

Jazz are indeed one of the best (maybe best) clutch team

Jazz gonna be tough to beat. Seems like Everybody except THT shoots at high %. And for all the shooting. They don't just jack **** up. They play both inside & outside.

Don't think you can beat them in a shootout.

Honestly insane that this Jordan Clarkson and the early-career Lakers Jordan Clarkson are the same person. They don’t even look alike lol. The confidence this dude has now is unreal.

Clarkson is gonna decline his player option next year. And gonna get the bag isn't he.

If Clarkson’s shot tendency was 20% lower I genuinely don’t think the Jazz would’ve lost a game by now


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I swear to ****ing God the jazz are so lucky, every freaking time seems to absolutely **** the bed on open 3s against them and it makes no ****ing sense. like it's an open 3, how does Utah keep getting away with it?


Release the Kraken

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Ggs clarkson is a beast. We had no answer for him in clutch time. Y’all got a squad of dawgs

You think we’re good now, wait till we get John Collins!