Quotes from Bulls' forums-"WTF is up with the Jazz and circus shots tonight?? Holy ****"


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Pre Game

I won’t get my hopes up.

I forgot to add we need to try and shut Ingles down. He is shooting 46.4% from the perimeter (13-28) in our last 4 meetings. Someone has to make him work hard for those shots.

ESPN has Utah -13.5.
So, in the vein if Positive Vibes Only, I think we'll cover that! Go Bulls!

The Bulls better not lose any more games the rest of the season. No excuses.

Strike hard. Strike first. No mercy.

If Zach plays we still have fundamental issues in management and coaching. Not gonna pretend I’m a doctor, but ankles don’t heal that fast. And even if he feeling alright now he will absolutely tweak it again if he plays. There is literally no positive to him playing tonight.

I prefer to overreact before we even play the games. Really makes any potential loss sting less

**** Utah they don’t even like jazz

I’ll jam a Chicago style hotdog up my pee hole if we get a win tonight

I like the Jazz unifroms

1st Half

Man Lavine continues to look like junk. Bog abusing him on offense.

I was hoping this might be trap game for the Jazz, but not looking like it.

The refs against Bulls are at its worst its ever ever been. I watch ton of games other teams etc but never see any team getting hosed by the refs more than Bulls and it's not even damn close.

I hate that they allow this intentional foul on a fast break nonsense.

Man Vuc picked the wrong game to be this off from outside. Wish he was hot from outside so Gobert would have to guard him at the 3pt line.

Sucks always happens to Bulls.

Bulls are 7th in the league in drives per game but last in the league in free throw attempts per game.

It's going to hurt if we lose this one

Damn I really like Donovan Mitchell’s game

Utah's color scheme is a cocaine purity test....

Because we are really playing our asses off

Im just hoping this keeps building. Even if we dont get this W.

Bojan is tearing down LaVine’s poor defense.

If we play intense ball, the victories will start coming with consistency.

Yeah this is the most locked in I've seen in a while.

Zach and Vuc playing catch should not result in a 22.9 foot fadeaway 2 pointer.

1-10 from 3 and the Jazz are 44%, oof

That was fast. When I started this message we were winning.

If that is a foul call, I freaking give up.

So frustrating to play solid D all half until the last few minutes and just fall apart like that.

Ok Billy. We have climbed back into the game yet again. Make some stupid lineup change now.

Imagine jordan ****ing Clarkson getting calls before Zach. Embarrassing

Make a 3. Some of the misses have been embarrassingly off.

player misses shot


Jesus Christ somebody make a ****ing 3

Love how lavine doesnt get that call but Spida does

2nd Half

I hate that we traded for Trey Brown and Javonte Green so they could watch Denzel Valentine play.

Not really a good sign that the Jazz announcers went to break laughing, "Memo to the Chicago Bulls. You can't leave Joe Ingles that open on the 3 point line. I mean, he was wiiiide open."

Wow 20 Ft ATT to 7.

By the way, why do they call that move the Euro step? Unless they mean the Euro travel? Nobody in Europe does that... unless they want to get called for steps. That's like 3 steps if you pretend you don't notice the 4th.

Do the Jazz ever miss a rotation on defense?

It’s a shooters league and we don’t have many of those.

Well if Utah would be kind enough to share some shooters with the rest of the league that'd be suuuuper.

Really sucks that our players just can't shoot the basketball. We're almost an NBA team.

Wonder how much of an upgrade Favors would be over Lauri.

The refs gave us one there, that was an offensive foul by Theis.

How many times Jazz got the friendly bounce today??

One day the Bulls will face a team that isn't shooting red hot from 3, but it is not this night.

Why is Billy waiting so long to bring back Zach and Vuc?

Clarkson just swished a 28 footer with a hand in his face.

That's a gambler's mindset. Keep rolling as long as it's working.

Yeah we have seen this movie a bunch of times. Incoming dagger 3s from Utah to seal the game.

I gotta' say times have changed a lot. Thad's 6'7 and he's killing Utah in the paint. No shot from outside of 6 feet.

On another note, Lauri ought to change his last name to Bogans... because he spends 99% of his time on the court tonight sitting in the corner and just chilling.

The Bulls caught a tough schedule at the wrong time.... they're playing competitive but they don't have the playoff mindset nor the habits of making little mistakes.

6 made threes to Jazz 13.

So... no one but Zach got the message to trap for the steal and foul if you don't get it?

i mean, barely losing to the best team in the league on the road would be a positive in almost any other context. it's just coming at the suckiest point of the season, so it's hard to call anything a moral victory

Simplest play in the world. Make Gobert follow Vuc out to 3. Should've been there all night tbh

Bulls are 15.8% from 3... and we’ve only made 3 threes. We’re doing pretty good with everything else, but the 3 ball is crushing us rn

This is just sad tbh when we lose next game we will need to win 10 in a row to go to .500

We should’ve traded Markanen at the deadline for assets like picks. Just not really any production at all especially defensively

Bulls are somewhat hanging with these top tier teams but it’s showing so much on why bulls needed lonzos defense ! Pain !

Jazz don’t deserve this win

Remember when the Bulls won a game. That was awesome

The last few minutes of the 3rd quarter was absolutely embarrassing for the Bulls

That moment when you’re winning because you’re not chucking so you start chucking

Why the **** does everyone shoot like steph when they play against us

Just tuned in why aren’t Lavine and vuc playing?

We'd actually have a sizeable lead if this wasn't another one of those "Bulls for 3!" *clunk* games

Rudy Baguette pisses me off so much he gets calls because he’s big and flails his stalky *** arms

Man this **** is so frustrating. We play decent and then we suddenly just become braindead and let the other team go on fat run. Every damn game man

what the **** are we like 2-25 for 3?

I guess Zach and Vooch are dead

Billy takes his baby nuts out for a losing challenge, now he won't do it again til May.

Sato’s defense was amazing there until Mitchell literally danced himself outta his own shoes

I swear we can’t even sneeze on the Jazz or it’ll be a foul but Lavine gets nothing

We’re bricking and they’re making their 3’s **** easy way to lose against Utah

I wish we could knock down threes like every team we face

Its okay we’re good who even goes to Salt Lake on vacation?

Are gobert and Mitchell the most hatable duo in the league?

We've made 3 more Field goals then the jazz but are down 15 lol what happens when you can't shoot 3s.

is it too much to hope for Coby to become Jordan Clarkson

Naturally gobert is lights out from the line against us

Why haven’t we learned that leaving ingles wide open is a really bad idea yet

Utah makes a 3 every time we start cutting into the lead

Must be nice to hit a 3

Stop playing a drop versus three point shooters challenge

Ingles and Bogdanovich give Utah a decidedly “Saturday afternoon at the YMCA” vibe

Jazz make every BS shot

WTF is up with the Jazz and circus shots tonight?? Holy ****

WTF, it was a 6 point deficit. Now its already back to 11. God dammit.

I will sell my soul to let us get defensive rebounds

Really great adjustment by Utah.

Playing zone defense when Thad is a monster on the post is a really good idea.

The stupid thing is the guys we traded for are outperforming the guys we traded. It's everyone else that isn't bringing it. I agree we're still far, but I don't think the plan was to win it all this season or something.

god these 3s arent good.

boban looks just like freaking Ingles

LOL Clarkson refusing to take the layup for the tough turnaround.... I know he dropped it on purpose

Rudy’s magical hand, where did he get that thing

Nice pass to the defensive play of the year!

Bring our stars in for some window dressing when it likely fell out of reach.

Michel def one of my fav players in the league

jazz hitting multiple circus shots what a game

Do we need perfect chemistry to win a game?

Post Game

Competitive against a good team but **** I wanna start winning games

Putting in your 2 best players while the game is over instead of when it was close is a bit too 500IQ 4D chess for me idk

Nah, wait habibi. Jazz are a top team in the West. The fact we weren't blown out by them is a good sign for the long term

The worst part is that as soon as zach came back in he instantly made a couple shots and the bulls were back in the game. Should’ve came way sooner

No reason for the all stars to be coming in with 3/4 minutes left. None.

Man I know we're playing good teams but it'd be really nice to stop losing after we just traded away two 1st round picks lol

Okay April Fools is over, can we please have our three point shooting ability back.

I'm glad that we're done with the Western Conference road trip.

I'm not so glad that the next game is vs the Nets...

We have two all-stars and they both sit for 8 minutes in the fourth?????????

This is so discouraging, I believe not only for us fans, also for the coaching staffs and players. We have all forgot how to win and what does winning feels like.

Opposing players can't even believe the shots they're making against us

Maybe Zach and Vuc/Lauri should run super high screens like Mitchell and Rudy?

Just a thought

I've never been more pissed at a coach. We could have won this. Probably wouldn't have, but might have. But no. Instead we wait until the game is basically over to put in our two ALL-STAR players. I don't ****ing understand.

One of our best games all year outside of the shooting imo. I wonder if there’s stats on how teams shoot 3s when they play teams in the opposite conference. There’s so little familiarity compared to the other courts they usually see and I bet that plays a factor.

Recently it seems like everyone else looks like the Splash brothers while we have two all stars that made 2 threes combined all night

Honestly loved what I saw from Chicago tonight. This was their best game fundamentally of the year maybe. The defense was starting to actually rotate and the offense was getting tons of good looks.


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**** Utah they don’t even like jazz

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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I’ll jam a Chicago style hotdog up my pee hole if we get a win tonight
You should be grateful to the jazz you don’t have to jam a Chicago dog up your pee hole
player misses shot

ROTFL. my favorite quote
Well if Utah would be kind enough to share some shooters with the rest of the league that'd be suuuuper.
Can’t spare them.


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“I’ll jam a Chicago style hotdog up my pee hole if we get a win tonight”...seems like an extreme way to celebrate a victory...couldn’t you just set a couch on fire or sumin’....maybe next game...