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Quotes from Clippers' forums after the game and from around the league-"Utah out here playing the most unselfish beautiful ball.'


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Post Game

We’d be the 31st ranked offense without pg

Jazz literally did the same thing on offence the whole 4th quarter and the clippers did nothing. This team ain’t winning ****

Naw this team straight up gave up - wtf was that 4th quarter? Yeah the jazz team is better than people think, but this was a close game and we were just settling for iso ball and contested 3s.

This was a winnable game. Cavs are gonna be a pain tomorrow.

Well, that sucked.

Is Lou coaching?? Even a blind person could see that we have been super successful attacking the basket and sucking at making 3s and yet, we continue to shoot them.

how tf this team lost the lead and only score 17 last q?

Dayyuuuuummmm another loss...

The clips lost their magic.

9 three's missed in a row, dry ur tearz

Good effort on the court today boys. Really loved the bricklaying, lots of homeless in LA, your charity work is really appreciated

You lost to the cleveland jazz today, and are facing the other cavs today/tomorrow

Clippers 43 FG Jazz 35
Points in the paint Clippers 60 Jazz 34
Turnovers Clippers 14 Jazz 21
FT Clippers 8-13 Jazz 25-26

Even with Utah hitting 15 threes, Clippers outplayed them and they only won from atrocious calls in their favor. Game was a joke. And like previously stated, those bs 3 calls a row eliminated any aggressive the Clippers played with on defense. Trash refs. Lue should take a fine

That ref bricking threes for us was the worst! Tony Brothers would have been lights out.

0% from three ****ing killed us and they still kept shooting it

Most of those were fouls. Jazz were moving the ball and attacking the paint at will. We went cold because we started playing hero ball and jacking up 3’s. Did not generate good shots. Morris is a serious liability on d. Lue should not have gone small esp for that long. Not that simple

This game was winnable completely preventable loss

All those BS foul call to start the 4th ****ed the Clippers

Wall looks like he has two seasons worth of fast breaks to unleash, so we've got that going for us.

Bad reffing, bad shooting, great effort though at the end. We'll get it. Hats off to Utah. Great team they've got there.

I really predicted a 9-1 start to the season, so damn 5-5 is just so disappointing…10 games in, time to see those adjustments Ty Lue

Clippers looking more like a lottery team than the Jazz. Pathetic.

The Jazz are 8-3 now lol. Ofc they don't look like a lottery team

He’s obsessed with puny ball and I don’t get it

The good news is we now have a 10 game sample size to show that small ball kills us every game. One can hope that game #11 will be different...

Yes we missed 14 threes in a row, but a decent amount were good open looks. The refs definitely bailed out the jazz in the 4th. It was obvious that was the plan with the quick 3 fouls in one possession.

If anyone were to ask these guys to stop chucking the f…in 3s, who would that be?

Utah was living at the line. Stop trying to pretend like it was anything more than that.

Why did wall play essentially the entire 4th? His defense was trash and so was his shooting and shot section. His fast breaks are great but honestly I feel like if the layups don’t go in they’re terrible shots. Not a big fan of him at all this year.

Jazz move the ball, Clippers dont. Team needs to be honest about kawhi’s status cuz the guys play like he’s gonna show up the next game and save them.

We got three-point happy, Utah kept driving to the hoop and getting three-point plays. They caught up and passed us as a result

In it until the end with a surprisingly good team. What we saw today is the Clippers CANNOT match shot for shot from 3, but can stay in the game by playing in the paint. They forgot that at the end and started jacking up 3s. But, if they take the positives from this game, from the defensive intensity and the getting to the rim consistently, this team will start beating good teams and putting away bad teams early.

10 games in so can quit with the early excuse. This team ain't it. Inconsistent as hell, very lazy rebounding, defense underachieves, and the offense has no identity. John Wall out here like two face, can't decide to play to his old strengths or go out there making a charity brick house like his name Eric Bledsoe

Wall played great, except anytime he shot the ball outside of 5 feet.

I still hate the Jazz

Wall gotta stick to what he does best- driving to the rim. Not shooting much perimeter or midrange shots. They shouldn’t have been shooting 3s at the end. This was a very winnable game if they just would have kept up the defense and didn’t shoot 3s every possession. And I’d like to see them put Moses out there instead of going small. Especially when the Jazz had basically two centers as starters. Can’t play small ball against a big ball lineup.

One more thought. This was our best loss of the season. We played a good team and actually had a chance to win. Late game issues are fixable, especially if Ty can be less reliant on small ball.

Our game tomorrow vs. Cleveland is a probable loss, but we can try and build some positive momentum for the next set of winnable games.

Quotes from around the league

The Olynyk trade was considered a failure at the time.

Yeah, he has allowed our team to explore interesting lineups, which is apparently why Ainge did the trade without "assets" coming back. Happy Bojan is balling in Detroit

Jazz came in and killed LA

I was high on the Clips but I’m realising how diabolical their guard rotation is

This Jazz team is the most 2022 team ever

They're just here to shoot threes and vibe

Lauri gets the ball. Lauri gets a bucket.

Holy **** Lauri. Just hand this guy the MIP award. I’ve seen enough.

Imagine if PG13 didnt go off like this, woulda been a 30point blow out

I’ve always been a believer in Markkanen but he’s been next level so far this season.

I can’t believe Utah is this good

Lauri 14pts on 4 shots lol.

I love Mike Conley man

Will hardy early coach if the year

He's leading a squad that everyone thought would be deep in the tank and they are real competitors. Very impressive

Is this Jazz team really a playoff team?

Is Colin Sexton the true answer to renewable energy the man doesn’t stop

Ok, so every Colin sexton drive he gets a foul lol. And honestly they probably are real fouls.

John gotta lock himself in the gym and shoot free throws

Wow. Can't believe the Jazz have regained the lead. I feel like last year's time would have folded. Not trying to speak so ill of them. I just lost interest in the Mitchell/Gobert era after the disappointing playoff appearance following getting the 1st seed in the regular season. I'm actually invested in this team again.

So what is the Jazz plan are they actually going for the playoffs because this roster is too good to tank apparently?

John wall lost a step and can still outrun anyone. Also can’t get a foul to save his life apparently

Utah is playing damn good basketball right now

John Wall behind the back layup was NASTYYYY

I swear the Jazz get the most open corner threes in the league

The Jazz have the best roster construction in the league I’ll take no other answers

I love Sexton’s game

Jazz attacking the lane, Clippers are pounding the rock then chucking. No wonder jazz have taken over

Remember when everyone was clowning Jokic and Denver for losing to Utah on opening night lol

Gay looked about 97 years old trying to bend down for that ball on the ground

Beasly is a sniper. Helping off him will not go well

GET ZU IN. The jazz are seriously driving on every single possession and getting free throws every single time.

They letting long hairs play on the Jazz now?

Jazz trying to tank for wemby and they're gonna end up the 5 seed

Utah attacks the rim with wreckless (see what I did there) abandon once Zubac sits.

Mike still got it

These yellow and black jerseys look better than I thought they would at first look

Can’t believe I was relying on Utah to win my parlay and was so confident never even thought about cashing out lol.

**** yeah let’s go Jazz.

Salute to Utah for making our losses to Utah look more and more like quality losses

It’s not even like one engine it’s all these little offensive modules that work because everyone can shoot and pass; and nobody’s angry because basically everyone has as large a role as they expect

And pretty much everyone gets a chance to shine at some point. It was Sexton’s night, but tomorrow it could be someone else. Kelly might go ballistic, Jordan might hit a game winner, Vando might get like 20 rebounds, Conley might get hot.

Cavs and former Cavs just collecting Ws this season. **** yeah Lauri (and Sexton)

Jazz gonna **** around and win a ring

I wonder how the front office feels. Their chances of the best odds seem cooked already. 8 wins is like almost half of what they need to be bottom 3. What a weird spot to be in, it’s so fun to watch but they’re so obviously not in a position to compete short term

the Jazz are L E G I T

So are the Jazz actually pushing for the playoffs because apparently this roster is too good to tank.

not a single team in the history of the league has won a chip from tanking.

My current theory is they’re going to let their players get their value up and trade them when teams get more desperate closer to the all star break.

At this point I think they might be pushing for a top 4 seed. Some kid is playing the league on east mode and messing everything up.

When are people going to start taking this jazz team seriously

How the **** did Danny Ainge trade all star players and create a contender in one off season?

This Will Hardy guy might be a good coach.

The Jazz-Cavs trade has been the best that happened this offseason so far!
Spidaland, Lauri Bird and Young Bull ballin!

Why were the Clippers shooting so many 3s at the end?

Collin sexton closed this out. Guy is a walking and 1. Good game, all the other stuff.

If the Jazz are REALLY trying to tank they are making Lauri Markkanen look like he's worth AT LEAST 2 draft picks.


These boys are young and spry. They can handle it! Except Rudy gay. Rudy gay looks like maybe he can’t handle it.

Jazz try to win for 40 years and no rings. Finally tank and accidently gets the ring.

I welcome our new Jazz/Cavs overlords.

This Jazz team is just so much fun to watch. They play quality ball

did anyone think the jazz would be good this year?

Why didn’t Celtics offer Will Hardy the HC in the first place?

I mean if your aim is to win championship, it is a crime to let go someone of his caliber

If Will Hardy could top western conference with a group of NBA role players in a brand new team, I can’t imagine how much Stronger Celtics would have been under Will Hardy

Utah dont give a **** about wemby

The Jazz weren't even supposed to be competing, so it's amazing that they're anywhere close to the Suns. Let them have fun.

Just as everyone predicted, the Utah Jazz are the best team in the west this season, led by their superstar, Lauri Markannen

Jazz literally said **** all ya'll this season.

Zach Lowe deserves to be clowned for putting the Jazz dead last in his watchability rankings.

How did the Jazz win the Gobert trade AND take all of our picks?

Won with Michael Jordan Clarkson on the bench. Let that sink in.

Utah out here playing the most unselfish beautiful ball.

So is the Jazz going to start tanking anytime soon or are they trying to make a run?

Can we throw out the discussion of maybe the Jazz got the better end of the Gobert and Mitchell deals? I know it’s a little early but Markannen and Sexton are playing at all star level for a team, that in all honesty, everyone probably thought wasn’t going to compete and most of the bench is solid too. Kessler, Beasley, and Vanderbilt from the Gobert deal have been solid guys as well. I’m not saying they’re going to win it all or that they’re the best team, it’s been 11 games for them, but they might sneak into the playoffs if they continue the way they’re playing.

This Jazz team reminds me of that Ingles meme. Did not expect the Jazz to Jingle “contenders” this year.

The Mitchell trade is looking to be one of the best for both sides.

Has there ever been a trade that's benefitted two teams more than the Jazz x Cavs trade?

I'm sure there's some good competition, but for some reason, it's not the type of thing I can recall other instances of.

I'm happy for Jazz fans. This team is so refreshing!

i mean if the jazz somehow make the playoffs they have to win coach of the year right? even if they sneak in through the play in?
Most of those were fouls. Jazz were moving the ball and attacking the paint at will. We went cold because we started playing hero ball and jacking up 3’s. Did not generate good shots. Morris is a serious liability on d. Lue should not have gone small esp for that long. Not that simple
In a sea of idiots is one fan that gets it.
In a sea of idiots is one fan that gets it.
Fans at the stadium were kind of getting it too. There were of course people yelling at the refs, but there were more than a few around us who kept yelling "stop fouling" and "don't let him get to the rim, play some defense" and combos of those and such. Always beautiful to see the opposing fan base exiting the arena with 3 minutes left on the game clock. LOL
“Naw this team straight up gave up - wtf was that 4th quarter? Yeah the jazz team is better than people think, but this was a close game and we were just settling for iso ball and contested 3s.”

Can’t believe it! I really thought that Lue was some kind of savant from our Snyder days but in one game Hardy exposed him for the poseur he really is!