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Quotes from Kings' forums-"Utah putting out players I’ve never heard of in my life and still winning"


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Pre Game

Looks like Lauri is out, judging by the line (Kings -6.5)

Looks like the jazz will be sitting three starters tonight. Marketon, Clarkston and Sexton. Sort of looks like they were surprised even being the plan and are fixing their error.

Sexton, Clarkson and Markkanen are all out tonight against Sacramento. Kings going for sweep of four game road trip and an eighth straight road win.

Maybe we should consider some minute restrictions for our main guys? Their 2nd and 3rd best players tonight will be Kelly Olynyk and Horton-Tucker….

Was shocked that they gave away Vanderbilt. Good, young player on a cheap contract, signed for next year too on the cheap. Was the 2027 Lakers pick enough for that? Doubt it, and will remain convinced that they gave in to pressure, likely from the agents.

The best way to do that is to come out in this one and put your foot on the opponents neck early and often.

This has basically been the story of the Jazz since Stockton and Malone - and they seem to somehow make the playoffs every year anyway. The perpetual "rebuilding on the fly" organization, and pretty good at it. Always gives the fans something to root for, downside is they've never really been serious championship contenders since the Mailman and the Mail Clerk.

This floor is trippy. Looks like the walls in the basement of grandmas house

Gotta win this one with Sexton, Clarkson, and Markkanen out for Utah. Also, go Mavs. Gotta get some separation from MEM.

First game in NBA history where two guys named Kessler both start

Utah's missing their top 3 scorers. Kings better win this one.

1st Half

Easiest first bucket for the other team I’ve ever seen

Walker Kessler scares me idk why

God this is a bad jersey matchup

Kessler on Kessler crime

If they can stop scoring every shot that would be nice

Good to see our defense sucks no matter the opponent

I’m out guys, can’t watch a #2 seed playing like blind men

Defense appears to be a theory at this stage haha.

Hey boys, there’s this thing called defense & it might be a good idea to try playing it, just a suggestion.

Is this the Jazz or the bumblebees

I'm not really a fan of this Utah jersey/court combo

The Utah Jazz, missing Markkanen, Sexton, and Clarkson, just outscored a full-strength Sacramento 40-19 in the first quarter.​

Most dominant quarter the Jazz have played all year. Walker Kessler made Sabonis his son. Agbaji and THT with highlight dunks. What is going on in Utah???

Walker Kessler is kind of owning Sabonis so far tbh

Sabonis is getting wrecked right now

Bro we really let Johnny Juzang score a bucket on us

This… wait this doesn’t feel right

Converting to Mormonism

Getting flame roasted on defense and cant score, This is a recipe for disaster

Not a big believer in the "announcer jinx" but why was Kenny's drunk and high *** saying we swept the road trip before the game started. Idiot.


Worst quarter ive seen this season, Holy **** what a meltdown

Really down 22 to bench players lol

Azbukki or whatever just hit a hook over God knows who tried to defend him. This is where we are.

No wonder kessler gets all those blocks, the refs love him

Jazz owner looks like my dealer.

He looks like an undercover cop trying to buy drugs

Jazz have some sick *** throwback mountain jerseys and this is the ******* they roll with

Kelly Olynyk is a ****ing bitch and a disgrace to the game of basketball

Kessler doesnt get called for a single foul. Its insane

Sabonis getting outplayed by Kelly Olynyk this the worst day of my life

Will Hardy looks like Walker Kesslers older brother


The scoreline looks like a bloody rugby match. Losing by 23 points. Baffling!

Why are we playing like a AAU team right now? Offense is just pull up threes with 4 seconds into the shot clock and no defense whatsoever

Take the starters out. Unacceptable defense.

Jazz just playing a totally different speed than we are. We're missing FT's, missing open shots.

Kings getting bodied by Azubuike

In 10 years there better be a 20 for 20 on why refs despise Sabonis.

Ugly, ugly start

I don’t recognize this team

Why did I wake up in 2019?

Clunk. Clang.

Imagine this defense in the playoffs. It’s gonna be a rude awakening.

Can't win em all, but damn this is hard to watch.

Even my dog is shaking his head in disgust.

I thought this might be a trap game, but I never expected anything this awful.

To give up 40 in a quarter when the Jazz are missing Markannen, Clarkson and Sexton is very impressive.

Jazz zone defense giving us fits. (Fox 3s notwithstanding)

Whole squad dog ****. Getting cooked by a g league squad. Light deez nuts beam

wow you let a team trade all their players and their best player not playing put up 40 pts in first quarter. wow you guys need to learn how to play defense.

you guys intentially losing? I don't know how one of the best team in the league this year get blown out by a butch of nobodys.

jazz lead 16 pts without 3 key players

What the **** are you doing? Utah missing 3 best players… yet getting blown out?!?

Hands down the worst quarter we have played all year. That one was bad. 40-19 Jazz after one.

Walker Kessler is so good. He single handily took Sabonis completely out of the game in the 1st half.

Twolves really traded 5 FRP and a pile of quality role players for Rudy Gobert for Kessler to end up as 80% Rudy Gobert in his rookie season. Classic all-time fumble.

2nd Half

Sabonis hasn't taken one single shot and it's halftime? How is that even remotely possible

This habit they have of getting smoked by teams who are down 3 starters has got to stop. They are playing ZERO defense right now. Embarrassing for a #2 seed.

The Kings shot 8 for 15 from beyond the arc in the 3rd quarter to close the deficit.

Sacramento Kings, doing things the hard way since '85

Great to see Kessler with his son Sabonis playing against each other today

Kings defensive strategy “Run to everyone. Except when they’re about to shoot. Then don’t anymore.”

Dunn just smoked Kessler

Kings can’t figure out Olynik

Well, it doesn’t matter who’s not playing for the Jazz if any bum like Kris Dunn can come in and work you

Chris Dunn the 10 time all average out there killin it

Kings are such a cheap date on pump fakes it’s sad

Now we need to shift from coming back, to winning.

Agbaji is going to be damn elite next to a star. Some serious off-ball shooting talent there.

What a quarter. This would be an unbelievable comeback.

that's what 43 point 3rd quarters will do for you. Eclipses their 40 point 1st quarter

Jesus, the bench is 5-26 for 17 points. Time to let the starters finish this one out.

Dunn playing like the guy people thought was being drafted a decade ago.

sabonis missing a ton of chippies

Kings straight getting destroyed by this Abagi

Domas locked up by Kessler again

stop going to sabonis walker owns him

Imagine coming back from 25 against this Jazz lineup, taking the lead, and then managing to still lose. It’s like losing twice to them in one game

Sabonis can’t score on Kessler, it’s not gonna work. Try something else plz

Walker Kessler is a problem

Kessler had sonned Saboner smh

Of course it’s against a team missing all their best players. Wtf is wrong with this team completely ******** the bed against short handed teams?

Getting their backs blown out by a bunch of random scrubs

All my homies hate Olynyk

Agbaji is kinda nice.

Assbukaki cannot be the reason we lose come on now

Idk man. I think maybe Sabonis is scared of Walker Kessler? Why is he not going at him?

Of course a nobody had the game of his life against us

I can't believe their zone is really causing us this much trouble

Is it written in the NBA rules that every Kings game against the Jazz has to be close? Both previous games decided by a possession.

Isnt this jazz team supposed to be tanking?

We let a 10th man in agbaji beat us. He'll go back to score 6 points his next game lol

How was olynyk so opened for his last 3?

Kessler is a beast. God, I would love to have him here. But, no way Jazz ever get rid of this guy. They have a gem.

He is really, really good. I've been watching a lot of Jazz games and he is the biggest reason aside from Lauri that they keep winning games they should lose.

We can't defend **** it's waay too easy for them to score

We got smacked by the Jazz G-league bench

****ing love Sabonis but these games really worry me when playoffs come. Will he be impactful? Got destroyed by a rookie. A number 6 in MVP ratings got schooled by a rookie, and quite honestly we probably lost cuz of it.

Why do we keep attacking Walker Kessler?

Walker Kessler is a star.

Yeah but the beautiful part for the Jazz is that he is paid peanuts for the next three seasons, and he is already better and more playable than Gobert (imo). What a coup of a trade.

our bigs got stomped across the board..

our bench got stomped across the board... honestly Kris Dunn fresh off the G-League scrapheap was 10x better than Davion in this game.

Also Kelly Olynyk is pretty high up in the list of
Most Annoying Players in the league

Rookies are scorching Kings' non-existing defence. Mike will have a lot of work next summer.

THT is a tight end playing basketball


This team sucks. Won’t make it out of the first round. Lose to the Jazz without their 3 best players. So bad

giving up 128 to the Jazz is concerning

Barnes and Monk were awful in clutch. Sabonis was awful in general. WHY DIDN'T WE GIVE FOX OR MURRAY MORE TOUCHES IN CLUTCH?!?!

Can’t beat that jazz roster

All good jazz had multiple nobodies have the games of their lifes and they had the refs

Sabonis passes up open shots at the rim and shoots contested shots on Kessler. He was the reason why this team lost tonight

We fought back but ultimately didn't have enough in the tank and fall 120-128. Fox did what we could be Walker Kessler was giving Sabonis all kinds of fits in the paint.

Lost this game by forcing the ball to Domas when he was getting locked by Kessler. Fox has been taking over all season in those situations. No idea why they went away from it.

Jazz top 3 scorers all out and Kings getting outplayed by a bunch of nobodies. Seems right tbh so expect a Kings win against the Celtics tomorrow lol.

this is a terrible loss i don’t care that we took the lead after being down 25 or that “last years kings would have laid down and gave up” we still lost to an undermanned team and let kris dunn cook us

That sequence where kessler “blocked” sabonis’ shot and then olynyk flopped and they called a foul on sabonis was infuriating

Kessler was a beast on Domas.

Was Kessler locking up Domas or just fouling him lol. Terrible game.

We deserve to lose tonight for our defense. Also Kessler looks legit like the best defensive center in the league

Kessler is an elite shotblocker.

How the **** does a rookie get away with so many fouls?

Both. Walker is an absolute stud and he got Domas with at least 3 additional fouls. When Domas starts getting bodied by a bigger center I wish he would do more low post passing or move out for some better shots. I think he wants to takes on the “challenge” and gets in his own head about it.

Damn. I’m really tired of watching Jazz vs Kings. They play them again on Saturday!

Anyone else catch Fox say, "I get hit harder than that every time I go to the basket" while the Jazz lined up for free throws?

super impressed by Kessler. Sabonis can score on Gobert but Kessler swallowed him up. Utah got a real one.

I think the Sabonis being neutralized with aggressive defense and uncalled fouls by Kessler really ****ed up the Kings flow on offense. They just started hurling threes and hoping for the best, without his ability to set up plays and drive the paint.

The Jazz sat their best players and we still lost...because of the refs, great analysis by whiners again. Monk is the type of player who can be very good or very bad and tonight was the latter. The Jazz have a great defensive player in Kessler too.

I mean the refs also helped us stay in at one point. We played like **** in the first quarter. Let’s not blame the refs on this one.

JFC, walker Kesslers parents must be a giraffe and a hairless yeti.. what a nice rookie

****** loss. We’re in the bonus with like 7-8 minutes in the 4th. And we just kept shooting and shooting and shooting. ATTACK THE DAMN BASKET!! What the ****. Is the coaching staff not telling these guys they’re in the bonus? This game should’ve been sealed at the free throw line.

Quotes from around the league

Utah should not show their crowd on camera my god

where did walker kessler come from lol, never seen that guy in my life until this week he's in all these defensive highlights

Walker Kessler has insane shot blocking skills

I wish my team had Walker Kessler instead of Wiseman

Kessler got Saboner in hell omg

Kessler looks bigger than 7'0, the dudes a tower out there.

Man I’ve never seen Sabonis so frustrated with the calls

I’ve never seen a team fail to tank as hard as the Jazz. They just have so many good players. They’ll be a problem next year

Ochai and Kessler looking real nice

Kessler is Sabonis’ father unfortunately. He just got adopted

Kessler is eating the Kings alive at the rim

Ainge pulling his hair out

He’s done everything to get them to tank and can’t

We got friggin Kessler’d

Are we sure, like actually sure, that Gobert is a better player than Kessler in 2023?

Sabonis got baby’d by Kessler

Utah has some very nice young players and a bunch of assets. Ainge is cooking up something

The fact that Agbaji and Kessler both look very legit is hilarious

Would have loved to see Danny’s reaction making those trades … you’re giving me all your picks AND the pick you just made?

walker kessler is going to be an absolute defensive force in a few years. gg jazz.

Every single clutch Utah game that I watch they are absolutely flawless - twice against the Wolves, Warriors, Celtics, and today. They just scored 6 possessions to finish the game, why not. Kris Dunn and a couple of rookies are making it done. Looking at their schedule still think they wont go above 10th seed but this performance today was impressive for the team everyone though would tank for a pick.

Walker Kessler is SPECIAL. Also Ochai is CLUTCH

Gg Jazz, Walker Kessler is ****in annoying to play against (which means he’s really goddamn good!). Hope y’all make the play in

Kings deserved that L with that hilarious first quarter.

I knew we were losing from the very first play of the game. Walker Kessler is a ****ing GOD.

I just can't see how Gobert is better than Kessler even right now

Coming back from 25 down just to see Monk destroy any chance of winning this game is disappointing. Jazz killed the Kings to start the game and the last 5 mins.

Kessler is a beast.

Utah putting out players I’ve never heard of in my life and still winning

Can't game plan for players you've never heard of 4D chess from Utah

Walker Kessler is the youngest father in NBA.

The kid just son'ed Sabonis.

The Jazz gotta be the most secure ticket in the league. Guaranteed close game every time.

Damn is Kris Dunn back?

Former lottery pick Kris "bust" Dunn tonight: 18 points, 10 ASSISTS, 1 steal, 1 block on 7-12 FG.

Felt like Ochai was just a throw in from the Mitchell trade and he's really looking better as the season goes on
Can't game plan for players you've never heard of 4D chess from Utah
Whatever makes it all go down easier! Meanwhile, Snyder is still blowing 20 point leads to Lottery teams with his squad of thoroughbreds..:p
Ainge pulling his hair out

He’s done everything to get them to tank and can’t
Nobody's considered that our making the play-in and squeezing Minnesota out is a better outcome for us development-wise with the same lottery implications. And once Minny's fate is settled one way or the other, look forward to games with just Dok, Potter, Juzang, Anderson and Jones in uniform. We can make the play-in and still not make the playoffs, so no worries.
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If the Jazz make the play-in, and then advance as the 7th seed, is anyone really afraid of having to face the Kings in the first round?

Especially if everyone is back at full strength and we’re done quasi-tanking because our picks are locked in at that point?
I don’t think any team in the west would want to play us if we get to full strength for, and make, the playoffs. Opening series going at least 6 games if not 7
I would not be shocked to see us pull off a round 1 upset. You tend to play looser and therefore better when you have no pressure and nothing to lose. That is a big part of our success so far this season as well.
I would not be shocked to see us pull off a round 1 upset. You tend to play looser and therefore better when you have no pressure and nothing to lose. That is a big part of our success so far this season as well.
Imagine how terrified Nuggets or Kings would be to face "the tanking team" in the playoffs? Losing to us would be the ultimate humiliation. And because of our grit and tenacity, we are not a free pass.
I don’t think any team in the west would want to play us if we get to full strength for, and make, the playoffs. Opening series going at least 6 games if not 7
Since we can't seem to lose, I'm hoping for 10th spot. Make the play-in and still be in the lottery. I went to the last 2 games and they were a lot of fun.
Some King fans seem pretty cocky considering how crappy their team has been until this year. Jazz have a lot of talent. Just because you haven't heard about it doesn't mean it doesn't exists. I think if the Jazz can hit with a couple of their picks and keep the chemistry they have now. They will definitely be a contender in the division next year and a few years perhaps for the championship. I watched this team and these guys play hard and together.
Since we can't seem to lose, I'm hoping for 10th spot. Make the play-in and still be in the lottery. I went to the last 2 games and they were a lot of fun.
I'm not 100% certain, but I'm almost certain that the lottery will be the 14 teams that didn't make the playoffs, not the 7 worst teams after 82 games.
I do think our guys are talented and a lot of them have been overlooked. But they have been overlooked by a lot of other teams whose job it is to identify these types of players with untapped potential. All that saying, we need to appreciate what we’ve got going in the front office and our sideline coaching. Hat off to coach hardy! Just plugging people in and all we do is win win win