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Quotes from Lakers' forums-"Ainge is trying HIS BEST TO LOSE..what our excuse?"


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Pre Game

yeah we’re losing

Guys we need this W and please let Davis finish that game… otherwise we gotta start fresh I don’t see anything good with this team it’s winning the title or start over. We are closer to start over. Davis needs to be traded before he gets hurt ima keep saying it

Can’t be 2-8

The Jazz do not appear to be in a real rebuild, if anything they fell into a surprising success so another loss here would not be surprising.

What will be surprising however, is the level of focus and attitude we bring on these road games. If we start to get blown out, there is no hope for the rest of the season and a trade would not alter our course.

can we forfeit?


Jazz this season:

— Markkanen career high PPG

— Clarkson career high 3PM

— Olynyk career high 3P%

— Conley career high APG

— Vanderbilt career high SPG

What time is the loss... I mean game?

I wish we had someone like Clarkson.

1st Half

We are down bad!!!!!!!!!

Mannn we need agressive center who can rebound

Russ is a -17

Bro fighting for his life with near perfect shooting and still -16

High scoring half but once again lacking on the defensive end.

76 points bruh. We gonna give up 150 tonight in regulation??

The Lakers look way better w/o Lebron

Still a winnable game. Hopefulyl the Jazz cool off

Scoring 71 at the half and still down by 5

HALF? Lmao

Damn this team sucks I have so much faith in them I should just stop watching

The biggest problem of the franchise is the GM and Lebron. Sack the GM and trade Lebron.

Get AD and Russ some help trade the old man

what kind of d is this, looks like a team without a coach.

Clarkson cooking us

*** Juice Nunn back at it with trash plays

So the Jazz are the new warriors now….

This is silly. Why is AD demanding the ball and trying to slow the pace down now that russ is in the game. He comes into the game to speed the pace up and take over. This is so (bleep) dumb. Westbrook has a damn center on him but we’re forcing it to ad

He should have been demanding the ball and playing in the halfcourt to start the game. Not step all on russes toes

Blow this crap up. They clearly can’t play together

Punish the Jazz for this mismatch, AD

Lol I hate watching the lakers lose but I love watching clarkson go off lol

It's a make or miss league. We got the missing down pat.

It's not a good sign when you are shooting 78% and still trailing.

Utah still can't miss lol wow


I've never seen a team foul 3pt shooters more than the Lakers

Another 40 pt quarter given up.

Held Utah to 42 in the first.

Why did we trade clarkson again.

Why are we so far away from Utah’s shooters when we KNOW, they want to take 3’s?

Make it stop

next thing you know THT is gonna become a elite shooter.

Only the lakers would be shooting 67% be down by 9

We can’t be missing wide open threes. Just can’t happen if you want to win games. It’s almost comical how bad we are at shooting

So why the (bleep) did our offense look so much better without lebron? Nobody is holding the ball for 8 seconds every trip

Lakers hanging in there. Although the defense on both sides is similar to the first half of an all-star game.

Lakers would be leading comfortably if the Jazz weren’t freaking on fire from three. Amazing.

Beasley/Clarkson/Conley 9-12 from the 3, I think most of them were contested
We actually outrebounded the Jazz 13-12(extremely low, but not surprising given how both team shot)

It's ridiculous to watch... I don't even know if this Jazz team is for real on how hot that team is shooting it right now.

Jazz obviously the greatest offensive team of all time

The Jazz will probably make a couple more threes to end the half

Jazz accidentally put together the greatest team in nba history

Markannen only has seven points but the Jazz are on track to score 152.

Lakers shooting 62/58/100 and down by 5.

Jazz got like 6 players shooting 60% and more.... Jeez

Half of the Jazz 3 points shots were the “well what can you do?” Type. If they would start missing these….would help us a lot

D gettin shredded by Jazz yet again

Until you look at the actual stat which Kessler leading EVERYONE with 4 rebounds.
There was simply not a lot opportunity for him to rebound given how both teams shot

2nd Half

Then the 3rd quarter F ING BLOWOUT because Ham is a pathetic joke! Worst 3rd quarter team in history! It is COACHING! He SUCKS! Total F ing bust!! Every game close or tied then get F ING DESTROYED! Unacceptable unwatchable trash garbage LOSERS

We’ve given up 101 points and there still 5 minutes left, in the 3rd!!!

It's 3:45pm here in Sydney Aus ... And it's middway through the 3rd quarter

Ouch what an *** whooping

Oh man, This roster is straight pathetic. AD is nowhere close to what he used to be. This team is likely not turning it around anytime soon with the front office in place

Alright, here comes the avalanche

this game's infuriatinng. they get whatever they want

Damn the Jazz beating us with plain old basic plays because they can SHOOT.

Jazz shooting 100% on open shots, and 90% on contested ones…

Conley is such a bum man. He plays like (bleep) when there's actual expectations on his team to succeed. As soon as there's no pressure this dude hits everything.

Bum *** player. Get his *** on the Lakers and he'd brick everything.

I’ve never been this frustrated to watch a game, not even the warriors can shoot like this.

They're about to be better than the Gobert and Mitchell Jazz. I'm not even kidding

Jazz just don’t miss. They don’t (bleep) miss.

I legit never seen a team this insane at shots. They make (bleep) everything. How is this (bleep) possible? Doesn’t matter who’s guarding them.

Damn Lauri looking like Embiid against us.

lmao 3pt sliders on max (bleep) you jazz

Does the nuclear option come into play of we lose tonight?

Gotta blow this whole thing up asap and get what we can.

Gonna be a long, long time before are competitive again

Beautiful basketball from the Jazz.

People mistake our ball movement consisting of players just taking turns going iso for actual ball movement

Damn, Russ made Markkanen look like Magic Johnson on that coast-to-coast drive. That was atrocious defense.

Markannen looking like a first ballot HOFer out there.

They literally scored on every possession to start the 2nd half

The Jazz and their phony hot streak is making me angry

this is basketball hell.

Jazz play a beautiful brand of basketball.

Seems like Jazz players like each other. Our guys not so much….

They have shooters
We do not
They are 8-3
And we are 2-7

(bleep) that playdough looking dude. He sucks. All of a sudden he makes sidestep threes when he couldn't do jack (bleep) with us lol.


How are making all these 3s? We’re contesting a lot of them wtf

Excuse you. They don’t have shooters, they have a bunch of Bullseyes from the Daredevil movie.

They don’t (bleep) miss anything. I have never seen this absolute deadly shooting in any team ever. Not even the Warriors at their best can do this. It’s insane.

Jazz may end up with 9 guys with 10+ points

Conley suddenly 6 years younger

Markannen past two games vs Lakers is unstoppable

Clarkson ripping into the team like theyre a bunch of D leaguers

Even THT getting in the action


122 with 9+ to go.

We're putting up 54%/41%/95%... That's a win at any other given night. Except the Jazz are shooting at a higher clip. They are ridiculous right now.

No one is gonna beat this Jazz team if they continue to shoot like this. Unreal

Jazz actually develop young players. Not just about Lebron’s window.

Can the Lakers cancel all of their games on National TV

This isn’t trash defense. It’s just the Jazz offense is the most insane offense in Basketball history.

They don’t (bleep) miss. It’s a joke. They make (bleep) everything. Did you not see that Jordan Clarkson 3? That’s what they have been doing all season.

How does any team stop that?

This feels like that How I Met Your Mother episode where a bunch of grown men and a teen wolf play against distracted elementary kids.
Needless to say I've kind of stopped paying attention to this game.

Well i mean they're getting whatever they want not just threes.

THT still sucks.
Good for him. He made a couple dunks and a couple shots.
He will go 0-5 his next game.

Bruh…….this is Kyrie conspiracy theory level BADl!!!!

Boy Pelinka is in a pickle

Facts. No coaching scheme, nor any amount of focus, chemistry and determination on the players part can change that we have bums surrounding a rapidly declining “big 3”.

Talent is the problem. From top to bottom we lack it. That’s all there is to it.

Its true tho. Markkanen, Clarkson, Sexton, Beasley, even old man Conley looks great, then THT, so many shot creators. And the bigs (bigs, plural) play their part too. If the plan was to tank, they failed miserably

Ainge is trying HIS BEST TO LOSE..what our excuse?

Release the Kraken

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“Lol I hate watching the lakers lose but I love watching clarkson go off lol”

Even Laker fans wanna jump on the bandwagon lol!

“It's not a good sign when you are shooting 78% and still trailing.”

Maybe if you put a body on somebody, well if you had guys that could stay with us that is

“Held Utah to 42 in the first.”

There you go! Baby steps, baby steps!

“Why did we trade clarkson again.”

Cause you were collecting superstars and Clarkson wasn’t one! Karma’s a biatch!


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The only thing better than Laker fans blowing up is when it is the Rockets. Thanks again JA, outstanding as always.