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Quotes from post-game Lakers forums and around the league-"We’re not playing bad, Utah is unironically just a killer team lmfao"


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Somewhere Danny Ainge is laughing. Maybe he knew all along who he secretly wanted, cleaned house, got future picks, and is winning. Gotta salute him. These guys move the ball and are hungry.

We really shot 50/40/90 and got destroyed. They've taken 22 MORE SHOTS!

Jazz are deep as hell.

The Jazz playin 3 7 foot white guys wtf

The Lakers girls roster is ****ing stacked

Olynk with 100 illegal screens per possession

We’re not playing bad, Utah is unironically just a killer team lmfao Jesus Christ.

Jazz straight up clowned us on our own floor.

I don't know crap about basketball i'm just convinced. Utah without Gobert/Mitchell/Bojdan win no problem. I get than Marketen balled but we have AD/LBJ and WB balled out tonight...WTF is happening?

Yeah gotta give Utah credit. There 7-3 for a reason.

There offense is just soo much more lethal now with Lauri and Kelly replacing all of Rudy Gobert’s garbage touches.
An tbh as great Donovan Mitchell is him being gone gives more minutes for Clarkson coming off his 6MOTY season with more PT, and Conley actually looks like his Grizzlies days.

Everyone on their squad basically shoots threes with that nothing to lose attitude.

Conley 6"1
Clarkson 6"3
Olynyc unathletic

I can forgive LBJ for getting old... but AD disappearing during the fourth

Ainge a better GM. Knows how to round out a balanced roster. And now he has a bunch of picks from Minnesota and Cleveland.

Congratulations New Orleans on having the #1 overall pick

shoutout to Russ. Only dude who was consistent through the entire game

Jazz were 17-40 from 3 but I swear it seemed like they was hitting everything

Not pictured: Lebron James, 7-19 from the field, 0-5 from three, 3 turnovers

AD and Lebron move too slow when on the court together. It would be nice if they could be split up once Westbrook comes into the game. The energy and ball movement is just different. Lebron causes the ball to stick too much. AD also.

I feel you bro..we down baaaad

that one game where russ is playing great and y'all still lose....

How are the Jazz so good rn

The jazz attempted 103 shots compared to lakers 83. They really have the higher percentage of winning

I hate Markanenanenanen…

Lebron shooting 43/21/75 He’s washed

Anthony Davis had 20 at the half and finished with 22 points. These are the problems

UTAH played BIG on the Lakers who did NOTHING about it. Could’ve run Gabriel and AD together. They are active enough to neutralize Utah’s bigs. Utah exposed Laker’s reluctance to go big. Lebron was slow tonight. But credit Utah for shooting lights out.

Losing to the Jazz in 2022 lol

130 points dawg…

Y’all deserve to lose if you’re wearing the road jerseys at home.

This isn't even our fault really, the jazz just didn't miss period. It's insane how well they are playing right now

How the tides have turned. Now Russ is our best player?

Lakers exposed again

JFC can ANYONE play DEFENSE on this team???

Problem is LeBron bouncing the air out of the ball. By the time they get the ball over the half way line it's almost 16 seconds. By the time they get ready to run a set, they usually have ten seconds remaining.

Giving Up 130 in Our House... Last year, the Jazz were excellent when you didn’t switch on them. They have great pull-up shooters that feast on that and have now added bigs that can hit from the perimeter.

The Lakers typical defensive coverage of not switching and working out of drop coverage is made for the Jazz to chew up. That’s what the Jazz did in the first half, scoring a season-high 75 points. Despite the Lakers shooting 44% from three in the first half, they still trailed by 13 as they could get stops.

The Jazz started Vanderbilt, Olnyk and Lauri, that's a lot of size. You would think that a lineup like that, we'd be able to roast them defensively, meaning make them pay with their lack of foot speed. But we didn't. We began pretty well with AD going off early on, but it seems we went away from what was working on offense and just let AD become a ghost. We should have been able to get far far more switches for Lebron/AD against one of Lauri/Olnyk.

The whole team dropped a Fkin 50/40/90 wtfff

That’s why this is really one of those you just chalk up and throw away. The defense didn’t look bad at all tonight. They just couldn’t miss whatsoever. It happens. Lakers dropped 116 tonight. With a top 5 defense that’s good enough to win most nights. But when your opponent shoots 50/40/90 as a unit then it just is what it is.

jazz have no stars but all their players can get buckets

Their team is full of guys who can be good to great starters on a title team.

The Jazz shot 50/40/90 as a team. That’s an absurd statline that doesn’t come about just from making tough shots.. the Jazz got that good a slash line because the lakers didn’t defend and didn’t rebound. Nobody is taking any shine away from the jazz. But even Darvin ham said in his press conference that the primary reason we lost was our own bad defense. We gave up 75 points in the half and they had 3x 30+ point quarters. That’s not just because they made a handful of tough shots.

Jazz think they’re contenders

Lol yeah… after trading two all stars. Bffr

I’m telling you they are the 6th man team!! Obviously they can be starters on plenty of teams but talent wise at the very least they are all 6th men haha and it’s kind of dope not going to lie

I hate Danny Ainge.

It's kinda hard to win when they're draining every other 3. LBJ has to get it together, dude has been really bad as of late. Russ has found a rhythm off the bench which is fantastic.

The moment olynyk hit a step back fading three I knew we were in for a bad time.

You gotta tip your cap to lebron for putting up a **** performance like that

i watched this game expecting nothing and i’m still disappointed. shoutout russ though who’s played really well lately

Jazz are an interesting team. They don’t have a star player but they don’t really have any bad players too. 17 made threes 43% from 3. I can see why their record is what it is.

Clarkson is their star player. Also Lauri but also Conley

Lauri is their star… not Clarkson wtf. He is super quick for his size, never seen this kind of him before. Wouldn't mind giving up the two picks for a player like him

The real stars are the friends they made along the way

You’re on crack if you think Clarkson is better than Lauri.

But having so many shooters who chuck the ball without worry means even if a couple of them are not on it, others will do well.

I remember when this sub was convinced 538 was a joke because they had the Jazz over the Lakers in their RAPTORS model.

That game came down to Lebron’s age/health, AD’s lack of aggression in the 2nd half, and Utah’s absurd 3pt shot making.

Jazz with the greatest shooting performance of all time

Gonna be hard to win games when Lebron is the 4th or 5th best player on the court.

AD got cooked by Lauri and bron was ***

You'll probably lose every game with the other team making 7 more three pointers. The Jazz could not miss a dang thing.

Still a good game u just gotta tip your cap to the jazz with the way they shot the ball tonight. That **** usually isn’t sustainable all game. We def had some positive things in our offense w Lonnie and Russ. Westbrook easily best player tonight. Bron and AD struggled. It’s an 82 game season we are making changes in the right direction

Just a bunch of randoms shooting 40 3's in NBA game. Jazz are unreal.

In my opinion Beverly being on the floor is the new Russ.. no offense when he’s there

AD scared of Kelly O. The only win tonight is Kelly didn't injure one of our player

Imagine thinking AD is a franchise player

Don’t agree with James worthy or rob horry.. jazz got 20 more shots but lakers took 18 more free throws.. jazz won because they hit more 3’s had more offensive rebounds and had less turnovers. Simple as that.

AD = Almost Defense

Honestly man with the amount of minutes pat bev is getting no damn reason why we can’t TEN points out of bro 10 a night like cmonnnn, that’s all we need from him and his offensive game is just that ****.

Sexton, Maarkanen, Clarkson, Vanderbilt, Olynky, Kessler and Conley is some underrated talent. No superstars but solid.

Also, that three big lineup by the Jazz was such a cheatcode. Two of those three could knock shots from the outside and it killed them every time.

I’m still tryna ****ing understand how the jazz had 20 more possessions than us while also having the shooting night they did. God damn. It’s not like we played terrible. Russ playing like this consistently I could get used to. He’s been great last couple games. Bron and AD not good enough. Positive signs tho overall. Lonnie was great

Low key jazz might not even tank if they keep playing like this. They don’t have any real stars but they have good starters in Lauri and clarkson and a bunch of high quality role players in olynyk, vanderbilt, sexton, Beasley etc. They’ve also been shooting 40+% from 3 every game they’ve won so far. Not sure how sustainable it is. It’s an amazing 5 out system where even the bigs can shoot. Got nice size and decent defense too. Not even mad we lost lots of positive developments this game especially if Russ keeps playing like this

The Jazz aren't a tanking team. They only had that impression because they traded their two best players but it's looking like the Jazz won both of those, especially the Gobert trade.

Beverley needs to be more active offensively. You can't be out there for 28 minutes taking only two shots. He made some good passes and plays but he had some easy looks as well. Just take the damn shots.... It will help everyone if you are a scoring threat as well instead of just running around not looking to score. It's not like they were closing out on him every possession.

Going to the Jazz/Lakers game on Monday as a birthday present to myself. I thought this game would give me a good idea of what to expect.. pray for me boys.

I really don’t understand how AD could dominate in the first half then barely get shots off in the second

Lakers management blew it. Jazz wanted 2 picks for Conley, Bogdonovich (who’s killing it in Detroit) and Clarkson (career numbers).

Lebron condemning kyrie is his biggest win so far this season

Welp. Back to the pit of despair for us. It was nice having hope for what? 2 games? **** outta here…

Not like this, LeBron… not like this

Credit to Utah. They really played well. Their ball movement is top notch.

The **** they shot 20 more times than us?

I was so happy not having to think about THT ever again… and then we lose to him

Father Time clapping his cheeks over a nice dinner with wine rn

They have Laurie “Giannis Wembanyama” Markkanen all of a sudden.

Today I had an exam in school. When I was done, I raised my hand and yelled “Lebron!”

My teacher smiled and took my paper. She knew I was finished

"tanking jazz" are playing like they're winning the chip

So Russ became good and Lebron became terrible at the exact same time?

Jazz are legit. Recognizable names that were just looked over and together sum up to a very solid team.

Both teams came out firing in the first quarter. Even AD and Russ hit a couple of threes. Lakers just couldn't keep up with the Jazz offense. Giving up 40 points in the first quarter and 75 for the half. The Jazz frontcourt is huge. At one point they had triple towers with Markkanen playing the 3, and olynyk and Kessler at the 4 and 5. Really gave our smaller lineup problems on defense.

The Lakers shoot 42% from 3 and it's their worst loss of the year???

No shame in losing to the best team in the west

Teams really can't do anything if they face against Michael Jordan Clarkson and Lauri Bird

If Westbrook plays like this and you lose by 14, well it's not looking good.

Quotes from around the league

Not even the newfound superstar of the Lakers, Russell Westbrook Off The Bench, could slow down perhaps the most surprising team of the young season in the Utah Jazz on Friday.

Who would’ve thought that the tables would turn and now LeBron is “washed” and ruining Westbrook preformances lol

M. Night Shyamalan level twist

It's alright Lakers fans. There's no shame in a losing to a superteam like the Jazz and future MVP Lauri Markkanen.

The Lakers played hard, didn't turn it over too much. Just lost due to personnel. The Jazz are bigger so they got more offensive rebounds, and they know who their shooters are, so they hit a higher clip.

unironically, almost any team in the league loses this game.

lebron needs his to go back to his cryo chamber man lol

I watched nearly the entire game. This was the worst I've seen Lebron play in a really long time

i dont watch the lakers, but i swear i've seen 0-5 or 0-6 or 1-7 for lebron on threes almost every game this year. he's been awful from downtown

Nah, Patrick Beverly is Hams love child or he has his nudes because there’s no way he’s out here playing so much with 2 fgs made a game. Ham is on drugs

Dude cannot shoot if he was given a gun

I need All Star Lauri in my life

get westbrook help and stop surrounding him with injury prone old men

Jazz good. Lakers bad


I watched the Jazz destroy Memphis. It was so fun to watch lol. I don’t get it! I guess they just play good team ball.

Imagine trading away Walker Kessler and 4 1st round draft picks for Walker Kessler.

Who knew putting together a group of guys that play unselfish basketball would work well

When the Jazz wins the championship this year, Danny Ainge deserves executive of the year for not only building a contender but also fleecing 2 teams out of 7 1st round picks to do so.

If they win the Chip this year Ainge should be immediately placed in the Hall of Fame, awarded Executive of the Century and have the “Executive of the Year” award renamed to the “Danny Ainge” award.

“Who tf is Wembanyama?”

-The Jazz, probably

Great job by Jazz stopping Lakers longest win streak of the season

westbrook ain’t the problem the lakers are just ***

The Jazz where clearly being held back by D Mitch and Rudy, with them now gone the Jazz have now ascended to their proper place as clear Championship favourites

Jazz went super Saiyan

Someone get a healer for this Jazz tank ASAP

Not lying, the Jazz have a nice upside.

They’re so bad. AD is Mr. Glass. Lonnie Walker is as consistent a shooter as me. Lebron is absolutely gassed after the first quarter anymore. Westbrook is Westbrook. This team looks like solidified *********.

I don’t want to live in a world where LeBron starts to decline. Pls let this be just a few game slump

What in the world is going on in Utah? Weren't they supposed to be in for Wemby lottery?

Jazz just humiliated LA

What is the big deal of them competing? They've got a lot of picks from different teams. If those teams are doing badly, the the Jazz have valuable picks already that aren't theirs.

If Utah 2 years ago were pretenders,whats this Utah called?

I hated the gobert trade for the wolves and made a bet that they wouldn’t make the playoffs but I would’ve never guessed they’d have a worse record than the jazz lol

Coach Ellis

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The triple towers thing is cracking me up. . .

Vando, Markkanen, Olynyk and Kessler has turned out to be a damn good group when put together. You can have a combination of three of them out on the floor pretty much at any given moment. Versatility of Lauri, Vando and Olynyk has been damn nice.

Just wait until Minnesota, Philly and Brooklyn all crash and burn and the basketball gods gift us Wemby, GG Jackson and Baba Miller.