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Quotes from Raptors' forums-"This Rudy Gay is better than the one we traded"


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Pre Game

Almost certainly a loss
...Which almost makes me think we might win

Utah is favored by 9.5 points in the latest Jazz vs. Raptors

Gobert gonna feast tonight

Siakam against Gobert will be a slaughter. They are better off using Birch. If they go with Siakam as the C, I prefer Svi to step in over Dragic. At least with Utah it is not a quickness advantage, you need size against them.

Jazz are frauds. I could see the Raptors winning. Gonna be tough without OG but Fred and Siakam might pop off.

If they're frauds then Vegas has gone haywire because the spread has them favoured at -10.5.

1st Half

is FVV the most blocked player in NBA history? goddam, i dont think even mugsy bogues was blocked as much as VanVleet.

and the corner threes begins.

Toronto Raptors and giving up wide open 3s. There is no more iconic duo than this.

Over helping leading to open 3’s. Same sh*t, different game.

So 4 straight Utah buckets came from over helping leading to an open three

It was 9-2 and we kept sending an extra man leading to an open three-pointer for Utah. I don't get this defense man

13-5 run in like 2 minutes. How much longer is Nick gonna run with the giving up wide open 3s defensive strategy? Doesnt seem to work as well as seasons past where we were consistently a top 10 defensive team. We're like what? 20th so far this season in defensive efficiency?

Clarkson shooting 25% from 3 so far this season, so naturally he will have a 8/8 game

Rudy in Utah- damn didn't know

Pascal horrible so far ..

Wide open 3 after wide open 3

which team wants boucher away for a bag of chips.

Pasxal zero points zero rebounds

Seems like every bench lights it up against us.

The way the Jazz are scoring inside is like watching a high-school team get bullied by a 7 footer.

Imagine getting murdered by a 45 year old Rudy Gay

Boucher could fill a whole season of Shaqtin a fool with his play in this game.

Need Clarkson to shoot the Jazz out of the game…

I didn't like seeing Ingles totally body Pascal to get an open layup

What I say about Boucher, easily the dumbest player in the NBA

So if we can't defend the 3 and can't defend the paint, what exactly are we great at on defence?

How are we only down 6? This feels like a blowout

Their C’s make us look like babies, they huge!

You cant play zone against the Jazz who have knock down shooters man...

Pascal worst game this year...

Need Pascal to take one for the team and foul the big man instead of Birch, atleast he'll be useful that way

Man, Utah is such a deadly offensive team. Even if the shot isn't falling, you just feel they have the players to get you back in the game (Spida, Ingles,Oneal, Clarkson).
And they run a solid offensive half court with anchors like Gobert in the paint and a nasty PnR.

I like Mitchell but man you really can’t breathe on him now that he’s ascended to superstar status. Got a very impressive “head snapback” too for drawing calls.

Am I the only one who thinks we're losing even though we're up 2

man i knew Siakam would take awhile but damn he sucks right now

Think we can win this one, Jazz aren't as sharp as last year. And look a step slow on D.

Ingles is so washed up on defense these days. Sad to see

2nd Half

pretty sure Birch and Gobert talking about how bad Boucher is in French

Joe Ingles has gotten away with that offensive foul twice now tonight

I don't remember seeing Siakam move so slow on the court.

Raptors getting punished because Boucher is literally Gumby out there. Man is weak af. He can't take the physicality of the NBA based of all these noncalls by the refs.

No way could it just be the refs swallowing their whistle. It could honestly just be the refs have a level of physicality they want the players to play at and Boucher simply doesn't meet that.

I had legs the same size as boucher back when I was 12

I love Siakam but what's sadder than him only having 4 points is that he has 0 rebounds...

pascal is the worst contract in the nba

With the #1 pick, the Toronto Raptors select....

Prime Rudy Gay used to **** that ish back and bang on em

The first two possessions of the quarter just epitomized those 12 minutes. The Raps miss 3 open threes in a row, and then the Jazz came right down the court and hit theirs.

Basically, the Raptors aren't capitalizing on opportunities, and the Jazz are on all of theirs. That was the story of that quarter.

I don't know how anyone can defend Siakam's performance tonight. He's been dreadful on both ends.

Pascal Siakam is a max player. Think about that for a moment.

How is our D this bad

Washed up Rudy Gay looking like the best player on the court...

This friggin blows.

LOL the Jazz fans are literally laughing at our crappy roster.

Siakam put up 17/7/4 on 60 TS% the first 4 games and was pretty average defensively for the most part, but he has been abysmal tonight on both ends. It doesn't help that our bench is getting outscored 50-11 and Utah has made 10 more threes as a team. That has been the biggest factor in this blowout.

People will give Pascal an excuse cause this is just his 6th game but this is Gays season debut lmfao


Clarkson hits some incredible shots, but man he has some of the worst shot selection in the league. Those kind of guys look amazing in the regular season, and then almost always flame out in the playoffs where every possession matters a little more. Just like Lou Will.

Pascal with one for the records.... baaaaaad

Banton got frightened by Gobert from 6 feet away lol

We should probably sit Siakam before he tanks his value even further.

Who was that screaming like they were being murdered while Gary was shooting the free throw?

How the **** were we better when our highest paid player was out??

They went from down 2 to up 21 in 16 mins lmao

It’s not even our size… it’s our rotations. Every team we play against rotates so well & we have to shoot contested while they get open threes and open rolls

It looks like a pre-season game between a NBA Team and McGill University.

Siakam sounds like a lamb when he’s yelling “ayee”

LMFAOO Rudy legit just swats guys away like flies

Post Game

Best way to watch Raptors games these days is: watch the first 2 quarters then turn off your tv. That’s as good as their game gets.

Siakam: 4 pts in 30 mins.... LMAO!!! Spicy P(oop) 0-5 with him in the lineup

Pascal Siakam made about $400,000 tonight. $100,000 for 1 point. What a ****ing robbery.

Not defending Pascal because he should have hit some of those open shots he was getting but there's a reason why Rudy Gobert has won 3 DPOY and was a +33 today.

Out bench was feeling a little dangerous tonight and decided to go off for 5/24 shooting

why does every team that beat us have post-game confetti?? lmao

You can telll whether Boucher is unplayable for the night by just watching his first 30 seconds on the court

Globetrotters vs Generals rn

We made Rudy Gay look like a superstar today. Rudy Gay! I didn’t even know he was still in the NBA.

I called it 2 games ago that Siakam is washed. He is scared to take shots, passes up looks to other guys when he needs to take control he ain't no 30mil a year guy. At this point give me 3 solid bench players and a 2nd round pick for him. My boy Dallon Banton plays with more assertiveness than Pascal. And yea I'm a hater of Pascal I seen him shoot before the games and he makes his shots but in game idk wtf happens to him but he plays like a scared kid.

This Rudy Gay is better than the one we traded

Jazz half time had Mitchell reacting to some of his biggest dunks, really cool feature.


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Clarkson hits some incredible shots, but man he has some of the worst shot selection in the league. Those kind of guys look amazing in the regular season, and then almost always flame out in the playoffs where every possession matters a little more. Just like Lou Will.
This is one I'm really afraid may be true.