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Quotes from Rockets' forums-"They took a dump on my ice cream sundae"


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Pre Game

In contention for least watched game this year?

Jazz vs. Rockets spread: Jazz +10.5

I mean this is not even an NBA team we are playing, I know the season is over and all but....

Jazz on 13 game losing streak, we're playing G-Leaguers hopefully we can rack up style points and ****


Guaranteed W tonight

Rockets can't drop or climb any further.

Jazz are a fine example of why you should tank instead of being mediocre all the time.

Lol the entire Jazz rotation besides their rookie is out. Hard to care for this game.

I have a weird feeling we're looking at a potential 10-assist game for Jalen, which at this point would be more impressive to me than an easy 40-piece.

why does will hardy look like kessler's dad lol

Where the hell did they find these guys?
Sensabaugh? Juzang? Samanic?

1st Half

Jazz really scraping the bottom of the barrel w that lineup.


Jazz went w create a player lineup lol

Who are these ppl on the jazz lol

This jazz starting lineup. Oof

Everyone **** on the rockets for tanking and I swear no one says anything when the Jazz lose 20 straight at the end of every season. Frustrating

Rockets vs 5 unlucky Jazz fans all tied up. Gotta play better.

Jazz gotta be shamelessly tanking if Johnny ****in Juzang is starting lol

Srsly, who are these guys ??

I remember Juzang from the final four a few years ago and Utah must've just drafted George and Hendricks

Hilarious quarter by FVV

not sure about the other starters lol

Don’t worry we finna win by 20 the jazz always sell


Lol @ this jazz roster - I didn't know Provo had a G league team.

bazley for the jazz looks like he time traveled from the 80s to this era lol

Ainge will sub in the ballboys at halftime if they're up by 10.

I'm glad someone picked up Kenny Lofton Jr. His post game is too nice for someone to not take advantage of it.

Don't want to body shame anyone but some of these Jazz guys don't look like pro athletes...

Fred gotta chill lmao 20 points is insanity

struggling against jazz's g leaguers lol

A team consisting of dudes that will likely be playing in China/Europe in the next few years just put up 64 on us.

Fred goes for 20 in the 1st and doesn't get shots in the 2nd? WTHF?!?!

allowing this jazz roster to put up 61 points is embarrassing

Dillon is the worst passer in basketball history

Even the freaking Jazz have professional entertainers instead of prepubescent girls as a halftime entertainment. Thanks Fertits.

bro I dozed off after the 1st quarter and just woke up a minute ago

Frederick had 20 after the 1st quarter, and still has 20

Fred back to being plain oatmeal with unsweetened soy milk

2nd Half

Just chuck FVV... 9/10 from deep with a quarter remaining.

actually a pretty entertaining game. FVV playing 1v5

How is FVV 9-11 from three but 12-28 overall? That’s nasty work


Jesus we might lose to Utah

Cam assist record!

Previously: 2 (vs Cha)

Crowd is jazzed up!

When Jazz playing their C-unit, and our starters are struggling.

Fred is 9-10 from 3 but only 1-8 from 2.

We’re shooting great from 3 but getting out worked.

Jabari getting outplayed by some dude named Luka Samanic? Omer Yurtseven? Ben Sensabaugh?

Jazz so un-atheletic they look like a team at the Y.

OK, these guys got to lock in and put it away in the 3Q. These scrubs shouldn't be playing them even.

Jalen Green is so weird. He’s either nuclear or a scrub, with very few games in between. So unreliable.

fvv has 30 attempts this game jesus

Bunch of fat *** Jazz scrubs I've never heard of are keeping it close.

They can put it away whenever they want but they're playing with their food. Might get burned.

FVV bet on himself and missed 13 straight.

Fred gotta give the ball up now

dillion brooks misses 4 threes in a row to end the game

Passing to Dillion brooks to take the 3 is crazy

Fred?????????? Trying to make season high against the G-League kiddos and failed. What a leader…..!

I will delete all my FVV slander if he saves us from getting humiliated by this B Tech Jazz roster


praying this team gets any semblance of consistency next year bc how we beat denver 3 times but get ran out the gym by g-league level rosters has been maddening lol

Hand on the back. Soft call but they never reverse those

Rox checked out we on Cancun time already. Meanwhile the Jazz are inviting a local community college to volunteer some players who are playing for their lives. Chill bros. We were supposed to win like 30 games this season and we're boutta hit 40. Teams alright.

Is this game part of a plot to make the Jazz invest in G league level talent?

I can't believe Rox are getting schooled by this autogenerated 2K team.

Lofton Jr. on some Andre Drummond shxt right now.

getting our chain snatched by ymca hoopers im ****in sick

How are we doing this bad against the poverty jazz bruh

Oh look...more offensive rebounds for the Jazz

it is shame game as Rockets should blow them out instead of dog fight

why are we letting Utah’s C team bitch us around

Why do we still have cameramen on the baseline? Hasn’t camera technology come a ways where we don’t need dudes holding giant cameras down there?

I can't believe I paused "Shogun" to watch this trash.

Jalen really got benched vs a g league team at the end of his 3rd season lol

FVV has to lead the league in driving layups that bounce off the front of the rim & miss.

dog I have never heard of any of these dudes on Utah except the fat guy, embarrassing that we're tied rn

Losing a game trying to get FVV his career high is wild

Can't believe the Grizzlies left Lofton walk. There must be something I don't know

how tf did lofton get waived in the first place

Kenny Lofton looks like he ate a teammate pre-game
crazy how much the Rockets are letting him cook

Lofton was so bad he was cut from Memphis Grizzlies and he is destroying us.

Utah is crushing us with BMI right now

Lofton actually has a gut. I don't understand how that's possible and be in basketball shape at the same time.

Man they just kill us on the boards and inside.

fckery on astronomical levels right now
I hate refs with a passion

Big Lofton is out here bullying these boys.
Say it ain't so

Dillon Brooks chucking with the game on the line. That’s the best we can do?

Pass the ****ing ball Fred!

I would've rather seen one of the Rockets janitors shoot that three. VanVleet hasn't hit **** in five minutes straight and just cost them the game ball hogging.

Jesus FVV, you're not playing for a contract or anything

getting cooked by Lofton is almost too embarrassing to put into words

Fully ready to offer Lofton a contract just so he can stop killing us every year

Irrational confidence is a helluva drug Dillon

Do these assholes want to win this ****ing game???

Come on man FVV is not closing this game driving to the paint and missing threes

I’m laughing at how much trouble a g league team is giving them

How in the hell can a player be 9-11 on 3s and 3-17 on 2s. WTF

Brooks in the clutch is making my stomach bubble

This is some high school girl drama chemistry. Only the seniors taking the shots.

live by freddy, die by freddy

Last 5 minutes for the Rockets have been terrible. FVV does not trust anybody else to take a shot and lately he’s been missing.

terrible game... they need to move on from these useless veterans

will any team take Brooks in upcoming off season?

FVV again proved himself that he wasn't worth $40M when the game is on the line, he choked

4 years 90 million for Dillion bricks. AwesomeI'm going to say this gently...Dillon Brooks is a joke...and, I'm not talking about this game. A 20 mil nothingburger.

dude committed robbery for that money and rockets fell for it LOL

Bad loss. Worst game of the season for Jalen. Jabari mostly bad and low effort. Cam with a good game but was absent during crunch time. Amen double double solid game. Fred scored 42 but missed his last 13 shots and basically refused to pass it late in the 4th.

I shouldn’t even care about this game, so why do I find myself getting mad at the fckery?
this is embarrassing on several levels

A disgrace. Losing to a freaking gleague team.


They all need to be kicked in the nuts

I'm more pissed at Fred. Now I see what the Raptors fans were talking about.

Damn. Utah's last home game, they put in a bunch of lunch pail guys who worked for it.

Yep, where was Cam! Stop letting Dillion shoot…you know Dillion cannnot shoot….Memphis Dillion is praying every time he is attempting a shot….

Tuning in to see Dillon and Fred chuck the entire fourth quarter was definitely an experience I won’t easily forget.

All I’m going to say is…if you give Cam Whitmore 30 shots, he might not score 40, but it sure would be more entertaining than this crap


Blew a 20 point lead to the YMCA Jazz I’m gonna be sick

i would have been happy 39 wins before the season started but holy **** is this team bipolar

Did FVV go something like 0/13 in the 4th? Wouldn’t stop shooting

Wasn't this supposed to be a double digit win for Houston?

Rockets are a underachieving team. Blame your ownerships Head Coach and players for accountability here. Us fans pay a lot of our hard money to support you guys

And 11 straight misses in the last 5 mins

It the Rockets win 2 of their final 3 games: They’ll be the first 11 seed in NBA History to have at least 41 wins. That’s how deep the West was this year.

You just lost to the Utah jazz. Disgusting.

Houston rockets just lost a game where they were -11.5 point favorites! Is the NBA rigged yet?


Star of the Game Jalen Green 3 points 1 rebound 1 assist 3 turnovers

anyways the rockets need to find a way to get off brooks contract. attach the pick and trade down.

Now we can’t even reach .500

The Jazz break their 13 game losing streak ... and outhustle the Rockets all night long. Did tonight's effort make you proud to be a Rockets fan?

Given tonight's loss to a team of no names that was on a 13 game losing streak ...

Do you think the Rockets will win their last 2 games against the Traiblazers and Clippers, to finish the season at .500?

Disappointment after disappointment

That was the worst loss of the year by a Mile. We got beat by a whole team of bench players and props to them, they absolutely killed it. This is a big reason why I’m glad we didn’t make the playoffs… the team isn’t ready and that’s just it. Beyond disappointed, but Fred tried!

The grizzlies didn’t bring Dillion brooks back for a reason front office deserves to be fired for bringing him to Houston

Complete over-reliance on Fred and burned him out by the 4th, and simultaneously killed Jalen and Jabari's confidence by sitting them for too long.

Will Hardy ran circles around Ime tonight

I didn’t want FVV signed to take 30 shots …

39 wins was still a good result but this may be the worst of quite a handful of mind numbingly dumb losses this year lol

Man, watching this was just depressing. Jalen out there being passive and making sure why people still doubt him. Ime yanking our guys but letting the vets with the longest chain that leads to burning out. Overall just not a good game to watch and not the way you want to wrap up your season.

Somebody needs to question Ime and his stubborn coaching ways. Who the **** wants to see Fred and Dillon Chuck up shots ?? We should be developing our young core and giving them confidence to go into next year. No way in hell should I be seeing Fred trying to be Superman and Dillon bricking shots. They coudn’t buy a bucket and you have Cam Whitmore a certified bucket getter just watching in the sidelines. This is disgusting I’m tired of his bs.

Rockets got taught a basketball lesson by Grimace Jr and the Hamburgler. If not for Fred's miraculous 3s it would have been a rout.

They took a dump on my ice cream sundae

If this was the first game I watched all season of the rockets and you told me this team went on a 11 game winning streak I would have laughed at your face and told you to stop doing drugs

Could the Rockets be purposely losing, so that the Jazz record improves? The Jazz are the team right below the Nets, who's draft pick we own. Is it possible for the Jazz to end up with a better record than the Nets, thus giving us a better draft pick? Ime's playing 4D chess fellas.

Bad loss, most of our starters got out played by one of the worst teams in the league who mostly played their reserves

Wth is this line up ? The 3rd and 4th quater is basically FVV show. No ball movement, just watching FVV chucking shots and 4 players fighting rebound. This lost is on Ime.

First Rockets game I've watched this season and I have a genuine question. Why in the absolute **** was Thompson not getting the ball non stop? That entire last quarter he barely touched the ball but the entire game he was dominating whenever he did get it.

Just mind boggling that he wasn't getting it and instead we got to see VanVleet and Brooks have a mid off.

Amen is a going to be awesome; he has all the physical gifts and work ethic. But he cannot shoot to save his life, and everyone knows it.

OTOH, everyone knows that FVV wants to shoot, so they let him. When he is hot, he keeps on shooting until his (lack of) talent catches up with him, usually in the 4th quarter.

Ppl laughed at me when I said Kenneth Lofton Jr. could be a good nba player.

Sickening basketball. Actually hard to watch the last quarter.

Not just here to talk smack but that was genuinely just horrible by VanVleet. I used to actually like this dude until watching this game. Cost them the game singlehandedly. I've never seen someone so blatantly stat chase like that, I'd be embarrassed if I was him. Shooting twos at 15%? Go on Fred just keep ball hogging.

I would've rather seen one of the arena janitors take that last three instead of VanVleet. Dude dint hit a single clutch shot the last ten minutes.

I have second hand embarrassment for that dude.

I hate to be that guy, but this is who I’m feared we got when we got Fred in the offseason. His last year in Toronto was mired in ineffective offense and chucking. To be fair to him, Nick Nurse also seemed checked out at a certain point and the team was injured a lot, but he still chucked up shots like there was no tomorrow

The jazz g league team is just underrated.

We could lose every game next year as long as we win all games against the Jazz, Mavs, & Warriors & I'd be happy.

This might be the worst L of the season

Going 3-1 against Denver yet gets dropped off by the Jazz, Grizzlies, Nets, Sixers and Blazers G-League teams

I used to actually like VanVleet but holy **** I have never seen someone just so blatantly stat chase. Dude single handedly cost them the game because he was too busy trying to get a couple extra points. Never gonna support this dude again. Absolutely terrible basketball. Shooting twos at 15%? Yep, just keep shooting every shot VanVleet.

How the **** is losing to this team even possible??? We went 21/46 from 3 and lost to this team??

Run em on suicides til midnight how the **** do you lose to these ****in losers? So embarrassing what a **** team

I'm going to need a minute before I write this one up.


This is why I said…the outcome of the game was meaningless but the game wasn’t. Not if you’re trying to build a team.

I think you can guage how pissed Udoka is by the length of his post-game press conference. This one barely got over 2 minutes.

Ime Udoka on loss to Jazz: "Guys looked like they didn't want to play"