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Quotes from Suns post game and around the league-"One of the worst jersey matchups in the history of the NBA for sure."


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Post Game

If you allowed Jazz 30 points in the 1st quarter, you would have won this game! Play with your tough mental!

It's crazy in the Western Conference.

Ainge gathering white dudes like infinity stones

Lauri is lowkey one of the most functionally athletic guys in the league. He's so strong, fast, smooth and coordinated at his height, not a lot of guys like that. The shooting is the cherry on top.

Jazz pissing me off what a lil fake *** team

Mormons are so cute when they let loose.

The Trail Blazers lead the conference. They have 5 losses and six teams have 6 losses, including the Suns.

Yep, Saric is just as much dead salary as Crowder in my opinion. We’ve got 35M+ in dead salary and all our draft picks that has to be good for something to get us back in the contender circle.

Unfortunately an expiring Crowder doesn't have a ton of value....particularly when teams know he's sitting out so it's not like we are going to keep him. And we dont really have any other assets, unless someone wants to dump a long term big salary for expirings. That is where someone like Hayward comes in, but if they think Collins isn't worth his deal, they likely don't want to take back long term salary and Hayward makes more than Collins. He also has a trade kicker.

Man wtf is in the water in Utah

A bunch of guys who looked like role players are playing way over their heads this season for the Jazz

D was absolutely not existent in this game. A little bit worried as Warriors and Jazz absolutely handed it to us. If we played D just a bit, we’d be winning these close games. So many wide open looks and all of our guys looking at each other clueless.. Our D is god awful this past week and half. Lauri M, Beasley, Clarkson look like All Stars because of our **** D..

I have a horrible feeling this may be the season where Booker misses a lot of games. The suns are putting an incredible strain on him with no one to help alleviate his load. Though he’s playing well he’s having to play incredibly hard. There are no easy shots out there for book. I just have a bad feeling . . . sorry to put that out into the universe.

Good game but liked to get the win. On edge of my seat. Exciting cardiac ending.Payne did not travel! Dang refs.

Jazz was playing so agressively like it was the 7th game of the Finals. Next game they lose by 20 points.

CP3 collectively raises the IQ of the whole coaching staff and team a couple standard deviations. This team without him is barely average.

Utah was just red hot tonight and Markeenen played like a man possessed.

Well it took a career high from Lauri and 50% on 3s to beat us without 2 starters. Sucks we didn't win though.

What a way to blow it. Give the ball to Payne and he travels in the lane lol.

Superstar level this year. Proving he’s elite. Tough loss but it’s a regular season game. It’s a success we came back from down 19 to lose by 1. Kudos to the Jazz for shooting amazingly well tonight. Also respect to their fans for their energy.

Was a very good game GG to the jazz but defense gotta be better. We would of win easily if we had Chris Paul and cam Johnson

Horrible defense and how many open 3s did Utah have.

Jazz played great, but the Suns fought hard. Jazz just had a little extra luck, like the ball bounced their way and the shots went in and tough shots. Great game. Booker is putting too much on his plate he needs to play like he did against the warriors. He is going to burn out. Makkanen was amazing. He matched Booker. I am disappointed but they played hard and just came up short. I can live with that kind of loss

Credit the Jazz they shot the lights out of the gym, still only won by a point.

Hard to win a game when you give up 42 points in the first quarter. The Suns fough but the Jazz wanted this one more. They were on a 3 losing streak before this one. That said the defensive effort was awful

This team is hurt, booker tried to carry and almost did. But can't expect much when they dont miss shots and it was just their night 50% from 3s from 30 shots

Jazz couldnt miss.. pulling shots out their a**. They'll come back to earth. Suns needs are same as last year... Rebounding!!!

Clarkson and Markkanen hitting absolute circus shots at the end. How you going to top that?

They played tough down the stretch, but that Utah crowd was like the 12th man in Seattle during the Legion Of Boom days.. If we don't get the one seed, and have to play on the road, it's going to be tough, especially in that building.. It's still early though.

No Cam Johnson either, but still an incredible game. People thought that you were gonna be rock bottom in the west this year and you're currently the top team. I don't think you'll make the finals or whatever but just enjoy the season, you've got a fun squad.

We couldn’t make a stop the entire game

Why do we always struggling to keep ahead...we always plays the catch up...

Seeing the Jazz play, I’m shocked how people thought this team would just be bad this year. You got a ton of solid rotation guys, it’s cool to see Lauri take that next step too

Two of the worst down the stretch plays I have ever seen in my life good lord. Clearly the Lee shot wasn't what we wanted but cmon man

The suns gave the jazz that game. Too many offensive rebounds too many mistakes too many communication breakdowns. Although they couldn’t miss a shot we still should’ve won.

It’s sucks losing and being down personnel. But jeez, Utah’s 3’s

Those Mormons just couldn't miss tonight

Cant give up 130+ and expect to win


I do not like the Jazz.

Hard to win when you give up 42 points in the first quarter. It was a tricky game. The Jazz were on a 3 games losing streak before. That said the defensive effort was awful. The Suns have some problems

Lee took that last shot with about 4 secs on the clock we prolly could have got a better look... But that's easy to say chillin on my couch! Jazz played well tonight and hit some tough *** shots down the stretch!

luv the suns but bro the jazz rlly something else rn

How does booker drop 49 and we still lose?? Should have traded ayton

Guys Lauri shot 15/18 probably won’t happen again, we got off to the worst start of the season, and we were missing 3 key players. The Jazz had a great night and won by a single point. **** happens but we are the better team.

I feel badly for anyone who missed this game. I also feel badly for myself for believing we could come back after digging ourselves into the Mariana Trench in the first five minutes.

DeaL DA. That Jazz center is better than him

Why are we paying Ayton max money?

Trade Ayton in January. Jazz give up the most points in the paint per game there's no way he should have less than 25 against this **** team. He needs to be gone in January.

I ****in hate the jazz

the jazz is definitely an underdog this year, give them some respect

Quotes from around the league

A bunch of guys betrayed by their teams in one place + a rookie coach out to prove himself

Hustle, team ball and a **** you attitude

ridiculous shot, he’s only missed three times

That’s some Kobe Bryant **** lol wtf

Lol what the **** is this shot

Even just ****ing around in the gym with no one guarding you this shot is stupid tough to hit

That was ****in ridiculous. Feel real happy for Lauri, man

That kind of shot is only what stars make

This dude looks like what I imagine angels look like

Such a pretty move, where did this come from!

Wait is he Finnish Mormon dirk

this could have been happening in chicago. but no...

The atmosphere. The fans. The shot. Sheesh. Big moment.

What a ****ing fadeaway at the end

What's happened with him? I follow the NBA fairly closely and I've heard his name (usually not in a good way) every now and then. And I'm sure I've seen him play in the past. But his play has never been noticeable to me.

Not this year though. He's been looking like a man amongst boys every time I watch him play this season

I need a replay of that insane shot he made in the clutch.

He's really taken a leap this year man I love it, he took his momentum from Eurobasket into the season IMO since he gets a lot more shots and space to work with in Utah

Curious if Danny is going to opt to keep him or trade him for a big haul

Why not sell super high during the rebuild. I get you guys are doing well rn but you could probably get a **** ton of assets for him while you’re in tank mode anyway despite your standing

This has to be up there with one of the most drastic improvements from one year to the next.

Just an absolute absurd night from Lauri, statline doesn't show how many of these makes were just insane hits.

Bulls got to be crying

All I could do was laugh when he hit this ****

How tf do you maintain your balance AND sink the shot after all that turning

anyone who watched us last year saw that this guy was like 60% on dunks and 45% on layups, and would chuck up brick after brick. how is he doing this after that?

Him, Kessler, and Vando are all untouchable imo. Kessler in my view has proven himself to be the center of the future, Vando is an absolutely stellar defender on a great contract, and Lauri has pretty definitively proven himself to be That Guy for the Jazz. Even if you're not convinced he can be a true first option, he's a very real second or third best guy on a championship roster when he's playing at this level, and since the jazz have so many bites at the apple for a first option either via the draft or with a trade in the next few years, it'd be silly to pawn off Lauri. Especially when his contract is so damn good.

Is it too early to give Lauri the Most Improved or what

That was the most ****ing insane shotmaking game I've seen in a while. Lauri is a GOD


what rthw ****!!! those clarkson and markannen shot were ABSURD WTF

Bro the Utah crowd gets up there.

Man if this version of lauri is legit and not just a hot streak, the Donovan Mitchell vs lauri debate might be real heated in the future. I love Donovan but man, that triple towers lineup really did seem to work last year and I was always a major sexton advocate when everyone else seemed to write him off when he was injured. Lauri really seemed to make a leap in his game season and over the summer. He might have become a legit superstar whom we traded away for another legit superstar, but also an elite scorer in sexton as wells

I’m loving all these classic jersey/court combos recently. Pistons, Wizards, jazz. Who else?

casual 27 pts from Malik Beasley. as we all expected

Feels like Jazz had plot armor in this one all those shots dropping in the 4th.

Lauri Markkanen congrats on your MIP, Will Hardy congrats on your COY

The color matchup of those jerseys was gross.

One of the worst jersey matchups in the history of the NBA for sure.

What was the jazz’s o/u for wins before the season and why are they so good with just role players? What’s the story here?

a bunch of players who were betrayed by their teams are now in one place. That's going to bring a **** you attitude/chips on their shoulders + a new coach wanting to prove himself

Add that they are all solid players who play hard and unselfish basketball

That was such a good game and the Jazz made EVERYTHING tonight. I'm not mad. Just gotta get through the growing pains of our role players improving themselves this season, and as long as we have a winning record, that's fine by me.

Man jazz fans prayed extra hard for this win. They couldn’t miss.

What an incredibly entertaining game

Just when you thought the Jazzmen were falling back down to Earth

I think Monty should’ve taken Book out at the start of the 4th, even though he was red hot. He was short on a few field goals towards the end of the game and looked tired, especially in the altitude. Jazz were never going to lose after those shots from Clarkson and Lauri, great defense but insane shot making.

267 combined points and good defense was played all game by both teams. Tons of blocks and steals. That's truly nuts.

Jazz back on their ********

Is lauri becoming a legit star? Damn

What the **** is this score lmao

This game is on crack.

This is truly psychotic