Quotes from the Heat's forums-"Nunn needs to stop trying to drive on that goddamn giant"

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    Aug 26, 2014
    Thought Nunn made a great move to the basket
    then Gobert ate him up

    Dispiriting to see so many badly missed shots that should at least be close
    They’re doing the hard work of shifting Gobert, but they’re so worried he might block it they’re hesitating and getting off balance…..

    Which might as well be a block.

    That Mitchell guy is pretty good.

    Georges "duck butt" Niang

    I don't want to get bojangled and Ingled

    When did Australia ever beat USA in basketball?

    such a bullchit Joe Ingles

    Are you taking the piss out of my country and its Prime Minister, Joe Ingles!?

    "We coulda had Donovan, we coula had Donovan! Stupid Heat....Boo hoo hoo!"

    These **** uniforms... my eyes

    A foul on Gobert? Never thought I'd see the **** day.

    Utah's roster is fkn stacked

    Half of Utah’s shots are bouncing off the rim, hitting the backboard and falling in. Unreal lol

    Clarkson's a walking bucket

    OK let's get some separation here while Gobert is out

    Man Rudy patrolling the paint is no joke.

    Owns the paint better than about anyone. IIRC he has something like a 7'8" wingspan.

    Crowder looks good, really really good

    He’s going to be very nice in that 2nd unit...

    aww we got lucky with no foul on Gobert layin whew

    lol Gobert got mad in the most french mannerism eva

    Lucky bounces went Utah's way. Ugh.

    Love Jingles' game but he looks like a sketchball

    Ok Nunn Gobbert has 7'9 wingspan comeon

    This Jazz team is pretty fun to watch.

    Gobert looks like mister peanut

    Whelp it's over. Seen this movie too many times before

    Mudiay just going to split the defenders every play. Bench unit is going to break the zone quick.

    Barely tune in and I see a zone and offensive rebounding to the Jazz. Smh.

    I know conventional wisdom says keep shooting but at what point do you say "well our 3s are off today maybe we should try to work the ball inside", especially when Gobert is on the bench

    FWIW I love this Heat team. Kind of the inverse of Utah. Instead of young dynamic guard with an older elite defensive center...it's young dynamic center with elite defensive guard/wing. Spo is also a brilliant coach.

    Can't hit anything from 3, Nunn is bricklaying on O and getting abused by Mitchell on D, Gobert had a strong 3rd qtr

    18-0 second chance pts advantage Utah

    This shootout is messing with my mentals.

    Da hell niang doesn’t even look Asian

    let's not try to shoot over Gobert? that's like 5% conversion rate man

    Has Clarkson missed a shot?

    hate this BS ingles team

    Ingles do look like a replacement gym teacher

    Bam is a -18. Nunn a -14.

    this road trip felt like 2 years.

    ASB can't come soon enough. Sweet Jesus what a rough road trip. Thank God they threw in the G-League Warriors in the mix or we would have been COOKED this road trip.

    Strange how when we stop chucking threes and start attacking that good things happen. I mean, this is the first time I've witnessed such a thing in all my years of being a fan. I thought you were supposed to just chuck chuck chuck away?

    Bog just gave us a 2nd butthole. lol

    Y’all can go somewhere with these Bogdanavic threes. Eff this.

    Bedtime. Goodnight, y’all.

    Hang on, Bam only has 9 points?? Wtf? Yet Nunn is allowed to throw up anything? Spo can be so brain dead when it comes to the feel of the game.

    All we do is shoot 3s. Turning into the damn Rockets without the stars to bail us out. This league is getting ridiculous with the 3 point shot. I’m ready to have that line moved back 5-7 feet. Enough is enough every bum thinks he’s Curry now an days.

    I, Heatles3x, GUARANTEE there will be NO TURD QUARTER

    Update: I was wrong

    Stop putting up shots with gobert at the rim plz, not a very good idea

    DONT C H O K E

    Nunn needs to stop trying to drive on that goddamn giant. His mid-range game is on point tonight, which is a good sign.

    Let's please keep fighting, NO TURD QUARTER PLZ,5 pts isn't enough to slack off

    Kelly can’t guard a fat tony Bradley


    are favoring


    the officiating in the league RN. This is a disgrace to the league.

    Exactly. Every light brush is a foul and they dont call **** against them. Looking at someone is a "technical foul"

    Olynyk is literally in the game for no reason

    Someone step up. Jimmy can’t be doing everything

    Olynyk is softer than a newborn baby and you still put him in man cmon now

    Another road clown show

    We would be the best team in the league if 3rd quarters didnt exist

    The jazz refs are cheating this game this is ridiculous

    Ngl Utah’s jerseys are unnoticeablly lit


    Refs literally saved the Jazz. If Jimmy didn’t go down we would’ve won by 10

    Not really. Jazz are good. GG. Miami Utah finals will be dope lol

    Bam statline: 9 pts | 4-10 | -23 | L |

    absolutely destroyed Gobert

    Lost to the refs and killer 3s

    Please please cut


    hes by far the worst NBA player I have ever seen. Utterly useless

    Heat just can’t simply beat the good teams this team is a fraud sorry

    Please i know the offseason is far but for the love of god throw money at a big like gasol that can help us, we got destroyed on the boards

    Shout out to the refs for winning the game for Utah

    THIS Team always giving up 3s at the end of the 4th smh

    The road trip means nothing given that all 3 of Jimmy, Herro, & Meyers were hurt.

    Worst 3rd quarter team of all time

    I’m about to smash something to pieces in my room rn

    Can we get a rebounding big pls thank you

    I’m gonna go ahead and say it, Bam is a good talent, but soft as hell, that guy won’t take us there

    Easy dunk of the year winner. Doing it against the best defensive player.

    For me You would never be the best blocker in the NBA if you wouldn't get posterized like gobert. Man can you look at that he almost blocked that dunk. Blocking is gamble

    We played Utah and the refs tonight. How is that not a and 1? One of the worst one sided officiating I’ve seen in a while.

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    Great play, but a largely ineffective game by Bam, and another L..

    Its time to back djj in the lineup in 4th. Dont stick with iggy and crowder in last minute. We need our original lineup that brings miami in that spot. We need bam,djj,butler,dragic,(herro or nunn or crowder.) Iggy is not a legit defender right now

    Another game lost due to bad coaching, no
    Adjustment made in
    The 3rd quarter while Utah was making a run.

    Zone sucks! You are getting killed from 3.

    well look at that got destroyed again in the third quarter and in the second half.just give up guys you dont stand a chance in the playoffs

    The all star break couldn’t have come at a more better time for Miami Heat right now. Teams are shooting lights out against them lately especially tonight

    Derrick Jones Jr was a waste tonight. 24 minutes player no shots attempted 2 rebounds 1 steals and a block. 24 minutes wasted.

    Gosh , we are so bad on the road it’s not even funny .

    Oh well.. heat all of a sudden became irrelevant again. All star break should get the guys refreshed

    These losses against these top end teams are really getting on my nerves..

    Jazz are a hard team here in Salt Lake but alot of Miami fans showed up

    We are as bad as the Sixers on the road and we can’t beat any of the top best teams in the west , simple as that ,I hope we can secure that 4 spot all the way to the playoffs so we can get homecourt in the first round , it was a fun first half of the season but we are so far to be a contender

    we got defeated because we lack a legit rebounder. total rebound made by jazz 52 compare to heats 36

    Out rebounded again.... the lack of an inside presence is starting to rear its head!!!

    Bam got owned on the boards

    Dude Jimmy overrated af, tried to play hero ball but we see where that leads us

    How were we ever 2nd seed?

    I don't hate Utah, I don't hate basketball but I hate the refs and I hate the NBA for making the game decided by whistles. People should earn fouls not just get called a foul because it's safer to blow the whistle than let the game playout.

    I’d like to apologize for my anger in the game thread. Been a rough road trip and very disappointing watching this team underperform.

    Those refs just killed us, and I'm sick of these contested, dumbass 3s going in

    The zone has got to stop. Just makes us get *** blasted from 3

    ****ing incredible. Controlling the game the entire way just to **** it all away at the end ****ing pathetic. Waiting for those “wE diDnt hAve heRro” comments

    This road trip was nothing less than disastrous. On the bright side Jimmy is okay and we're seeing nice things from Iggy and Crowder.

    We need another all star.

    We’ll always have that dirty *** Bam facial on Gobert.

    **** Gobert. We need to get our defense under control and need to figure it out, got all of All-Star break. I got a good feeling about the rest of the season.

    At least we beat the Warriors! kill me

    You know what's ****ed, I went into this season relaxed and excited because I felt like we had no expectations l, then the team starts doing really ****ing good and all of a sudden I'm an emotional mess after every loss again.

    So can I say that tonight was a fluke loss because the Jazz missed like 1 three in the 4th quarter?
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    Jul 7, 2010
    George "duck butt" Niang


    That is so fitting it had to be written by karma itself.
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  3. Thee jazz fan

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    Dec 27, 2010
    this gave me a good chuckle
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  4. Thee jazz fan

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    Dec 27, 2010
    I’m confused, I thought the refs were short changing us for most of the game?
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  5. LogGrad98

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    Jul 7, 2010
    Refs exist in an alternate reality where they always shortchange any given Fan's team, even in the same game. It's their superpower. Or their evil black magic.
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  6. Nate505

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    May 25, 2010
    These **** uniforms... my eyes

    Was he talking about their uniforms our ours.
  7. hhoop

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    Mar 16, 2017
    I wondered the same thing. The powder-puff blue seems most deserving of the comment.
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    Nov 1, 2018
    That was astonishing on the quotes. Refs took more than a half to starting calling their constant grappling, Bojan got a whistle on Butler that explained that Payton old hairstyle, and they come as if they've got bailed out.
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    Nov 9, 2016
    New word to the Jazz lexicon, "bojangled", love it.
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    Jun 23, 2016
    I love how every fanbase wants their team to avoid Gobert but at the same time they claim that Gobert is super overrated lol
  11. SCS

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    Jun 23, 2016
    Agree. Not gonna work in the playoffs. Too gimmicky.
  12. JohnnyClutch

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    Jul 28, 2010
    Good grief, what a bunch of WHINERS! We shot 7 more free throws. Pathetic.
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    Aug 15, 2019
    Great. It's been a good week to be a Jazz fan.
  14. LifeOnaPlate

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    Jun 17, 2010
    If I understand this correctly they're giving props to Rudy for challenging, because DPOY's do get dunked on, which is what makes the dunk impressive.
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  15. LifeOnaPlate

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    Jun 17, 2010
    The Gobert hatred is so funny. So many people saying he's overrated, sucks, etc., and other people saying how dumb their guys are for trying to get in the paint against Rudy. I think Rudy bothers casuals because they can't really tell how he's impacting the game but subconsciously they know he is a massive part of Utah's strength.

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