Quotes from the Nets-"Can’t even explain how horrible those last 5 mins were"

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    I feel like this is a game we can steal. We also kind of need to win this 1 because we have a back to back game tomorrow. Should be fun, will we flipping the channels back and forth to this and the boxing fight.

    Whenever i see the name R. Gobert, i always just assume his name is Robert and i can't unthink it

    Mr. Robert Gobert

    Can Din do something besides driving to the paint everytime? Shoot a mid range sometime, bro

    If these Nets are the Nets they’ve been all year, expecting them to steal one tonight

    Would be great to win this one since I can’t see ya winning against the Clippers in the 2nd game if a b2b tomorrow

    This one is getting ugly real fast.

    This is playoff intensity defense, the team better get used to it and fast

    Ball movement just doesn't feel as good as it usually is. Credit to Utah's defense as well because they are all over the ball.

    Welp, that escalated quickly..

    Russell, LeVert and Dinwiddie are a combined 6-28 from the field. Way to show up fellas

    Utah is a tough team to get right tho. Their D is stifling.

    The Jazz are simply too much for us, like OKC.
    The winnable games of this tour are @Kings and @Lakers.
    We can give some rest to key players tonight and tomorrow, they need it.

    I don’t think I can tolerate watching this for much longer.

    This one is a loss. Utah's defense has just exacerbated the struggle that Dlo, LeVert, and Harris have had. With those three struggling this team has no chance.

    I can't watch this. This is by far the worst effort I can recall this season. They look unprepared and soft. No push back on defense, offense they continue to bail Utah out with bad shot after bad shot.

    We got owned by Favors

    Show Jarrett Allen tape of this game and how Gobert completely dictated that entire side of the court defensively

    I'd take a punch from Russell if it means I could cut his braids by 4 inches.

    this team is getting the ultimate test right now. Owner wit them on the road, playoff atmosphere, toughest schedule, they're 0 for 2 right now. Who wakes up and shrivels up on this trip. Might go back to the 6+6+6+6 mins pattern wit Russell and Harris.

    The Nets competed for pretty much the entire game versus OKC til they gave it to us in the 4th.
    This right here? This is an *** beating

    This is probably the worst 6 minutes I've seen the nets play since the New Years. Is gilbert like one of the leagues best defenders or something?

    aaaaaaaaand no one can make a shot, sad that im already looking at tomorrow.

    We literally didn't score the entire time Rodi was off the floor. Ouch.

    worst game ever holy ****

    Those three ****ing games we lost man Jesus ****ing Christ

    I’m still watching but looks like I’m not gonna enjoy it, road trip fears are happening

    They're going to eat us alive.

    Stop ****ing driving. They are blocking everything.

    Not when Robert is blocking everything

    Might be the first time I stop watching the game before halftime. That's impressive, Nets. Very Impressive.

    Messed up my saturday night damnnnnnnn

    Yo. Ricky Rubio has been the BIGGEST ****ing p***y with these head bobs ALL night. Play some ****ing basketball, this isn’t acting class

    End my life

    Wow. What is this.

    Shooting 28% from the field oh boy

    Dlo, i like that you are trying to improve your finishing at the rim and such, but I dont think the time to do it is against Rudy Gobert.

    Gobert is being a great rim protector so they are having trouble attacking in the paint but also we can’t hit our midrange shots or threes. Basically nothing is going in for us. Also we really didn’t play d well in the second quarter and end of the 1st which gave them this huge lead.

    i figured this was a possibility with gobert but never something this bad

    Yeah, I don't think our guys are coming back tonight. I'd hate to be proven wrong, but nothing we try seems to be working.

    Man, this is gonna be a rough couple of weeks.

    On the + side there is a serious chance we finish with 69 points, which would be nice.

    i am not looking forward to watching this team again tomorrow

    Did Kurucs go to prison at halftime or something? Why isn't he on the court?

    i get home and first thing i see is the crowder 4 point play


    The refs have not given us **** tonight, everything going to the Jazz though lmao


    **** you Gobert

    Can’t even do the basics right tonight. Just a poor performance all around

    I hate my life

    Jazz fans look like those white people from the purge man

    Sheesh we're getting yeeted by that Jazz defense.

    Can’t even explain how horrible those last 5 mins were

    Gobert on pace for 40 and 20. Somebody do something.

    This is so unbelievably hard to watch. Dinwiddie and Levert can’t finish because they’re driving into the best defensive center. Dlo is missing butt naked threes. 50 year old Korver is making catch and shoot threes with dlo draped all over him

    Ally-ups are too crushing for everyone morale and mine. This is nightmare. Hope Kurucs gets 10 steals in a row.

    Sports books love Utah because the advanced numbers love Utah, their analytics are better than their record would indicate.

    Utah was favored by 9. Idk why exactly but bookies clearly know.

    Rudy Gobert is the model for what the #Nets hope Jarrett Allen can be. The #Jazz center is giving a masterclass. He’s got a dozen points and eight boards at the half, and he’s been far better on defense. His three blocks just scratch the surface of how he’s wrecked Brooklyn.

    That man is a PRESCENCE.

    Rudy Gobert is destroying everything in his way.

    Toughest remaining schedule and losing every game. Not good. Come on, show us something leading into the offseason so we can get a top free agent.

    Another bad loss for the Nets once again!!!

    If they can win 2 out of next 5 it’s still not bad. Okc n jazz r good teams specially at home. Goal is to stay at .500 by the end of road trip.

    That was just an awful loss. They just stopped playing mid-1st Q

    worst performance of the season in my opinion

    The Clips are gonna body us tomorrow...the team is playing with no physicality at all.

    We could afford three losses on this road trip. Problem is... We already spent two of em.

    Dawg good chance we go 0-7 on this road trip.

    You guys know to make a playoff push you have to WIN games, right??? Smdh

    This is why those 3 gimme games against Washington/Charlotte/Miami were so important. We’re on a 7 game west coast trip where literally every team can beat us. On top of that it’s a long *** road trip so these dudes are for sure tired and we’re playing playoff bound west coast teams.

    We had the hardest 15 game schedule in the league and we knew that so that’s why it was more imperative to win those easy games against the the bad eastern conference teams. So all you motha****as who kept saying “relax” after we lost to the Wizards, results like this is why we were worrying.

    Honestly, if we’re not even making these games somewhat competitive against good teams we probably don’t even deserve to be in the playoffs.

    Good god this game was a train wreck. I need some good news and fast

    Wow. Brutal plus minus for the team. It's almost everyone was a liability during the game.

    No win in sight ><

    the 3 headed snake got absolutely slain by the jazz. Got outrebounded 44 to 64 WTF

    This west coast trip is going to put us out of the playoffs.

    damn blowout city in UTA

    What a horrible game

    So sad
    Watching this team get punked inside

    Nets only had 7 TOs, tied for fewest this season
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    Robert's a legend
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    Where have you been bud?

    Smart fella.

    This was a textbook Gobert game. It’s fun to watch.
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    The Purge comment was great.
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    No comments about Quin. I think that's a first.
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    No comments on Jingles either...another first.
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    This made me giggle. I like that we have a 50 year old on the roster.
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    I still love how every team we play thinks that they have someone as talented or even better as Gobert on the roster. Jarret Allen will never be Rudy Gobert.
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    I agree, but I still think he's damn impressive. Those two early blocks against Favs were really good. I think he can evolve into a very good player, but I doubt he'll ever be close to Rudy's level.

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