Quotes from the Nuggets' forums-Feels like the Jazz didn’t miss a three. How’d they only score 53? That’s some voodoo ****


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Can you imagine Jokic on the Jazz with all those consistent shooters???

Yes. We become defenseless lol.
Jokic would be one of the few bigs that i'd consider want in Gobert place. But If that were to happen, roster changes for better defenders around him would be an obvious need


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I remember when Denver had all of these huge assets and it was only a matter of time before they consolidated them into a star or two. Wonder what happened to that?

Also, we beat these fools easily with a healthy Bojan on the Bubble.
I also remember when the Celtics were set up so good it seemed impossible for them to **** it up and not win a championship.

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What this brought home to me- how important Favs is. The Nugz cratered when Jokic was out, similar to how we were last season when Rudy was off the court. Now we are building leads for the starters between JC and Favs dominating second strings, to the point other teams have to mess with their rotations, or their starters are going to have to keep overcoming deficits.