Quotes Magic's forums-"Good god mitchell's line of 31/6/4 compared to fournier's line of 1/0/0"

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    Who's ready for an exciting 4 minutes of basketball

    This board will burn to the ground if we lose tonight.

    With 4 players out for the Jazz 3 of them key parts i expect a win from us

    I think we can win this one. Go Majik!

    Tonight is a sure win.

    35pt loss coming, the bigger the lead the bigger the meltdown.

    Ingles looks like that nerdy dude who comes to.the YMCA and you laugh at and don't want on your team. Then he continues drop threes and old man hook shots all night.

    Magic can be up 40 by the half, I still won't be comfortable

    We’re lights out right now!!

    Terrible finish to the quarter. 21 point lead down to 13 and they have the momentum now. Once again it's the same old story. Big lead early. Bench comes in, and the lead is gone about halfway through the second quarter.

    Yeah, this game is complete fools gold. Just comes down to the Jazz missing shots that they usually make and that other teams would make and us shooting a ridiculous percentage from 3. Not sustainable. Probably still end up losing.

    Mitchell is getting into that inbetween position (with his defender on his back and the help defender in front of him but giving him plenty of space) any time he wants. He's missed a handful of those shots, but that's not a good position to be in as a defense. If he keeps getting into the paint like that, the baskets and/or fouls will eventually start coming in bunches.

    This 3rd quarter is hilarious. The Magic absolutely refuse to display any sort of ball movement and refuse to attack the rim at all. Clifford is trying everything in this game and the team still cannot follow instructions.

    I'm trying not to get too excited. I've been letdown too many times.

    Why do our defenders actually run AWAY from 3 point shooters...???

    In before we blow ANOTHER huge lead (reverse jinx)

    Doesn't Rubio need to be wearing NBA gear if he is on the bench? (regardless if hes playing or not)

    Please don't screw this up

    This desperation three by D.J. Augustin was the Magic’s only points over the final 8:30 of the third quarter....

    12 point 3rd quarter. Absolutely disgusting.

    Quin snyder is hilarious on the sideline. It looks like his eye is gonna pop out of its socket lol

    Yelling about a free throw was the loudest I've heard this Utah crowd in an hour.

    Good god mitchell's line of 31/6/4 compared to fournier's line of 1/0/0... how is that even possible? Like grab a rebound or something...

    That Fournier contract looking more *** by each game. Will be a miracle to trade him off for any sort of value at this point.

    Why do our defenders actually run AWAY from 3 point shooters...???

    I actually don't know what to say right now. Honestly. We was up 21 again...

    The 40 and over YMCA team could make a run against this group and they'd fold.

    Mitchell literally just beat our full court press on his own and got his own rebound and got fouled.

    Lacks toughness. When teams go on runs against us we self destruct.

    What a bunch of soft *** players we have

    Outscored 60-30 in the 2nd half.

    Utah outscores Orlando 60 - 30 in the 2nd half. 30... in the entire half... Utah had 32 in the 3rd quarter

    eah, Mitchell destroyed him

    As a 36 minute stat line, that Fournier line has to be one of the worst you'll ever see in the NBA.

    I don't think it's toughness, I think it's too easy to defend this team when since we have so many non shooters and few facilitators. This is a team made up of scrubs and complimentary players with no one to play off of. Vuc is good, but not good enough to score at will against Gobert

    The Jazz really picked up their energy level, and I think what happens is, we've got guys off the ball that are supposed to be moving around off screens and such, but the Jazz were on top of it and our execution gets really bad when things start to go south, so what we end up looking at is a guy holding the ball in one spot for 15 seconds with nothing happening. And then after that happens for a few minutes, guys start to think that the solution is to just go 1-on-1, and our roster going 1-on-1 is pretty lol.

    Who the hell is this Neto guy, I’ve legit never heard of him

    So many things going Orlando’s way

    -Rubio and Exum out, their two PGs -Jazz play slowly anyway, but let alone without their two playmakers. -Isaac has made two 3s, dude is a confidence player right now -Jazz shooting poorly -Khem and Briscoe wanna eat at the rotation table -AG getting attention and loving it.

    This team is absolutely rocked mentally.

    63 points first 2 quarters

    To score 30 in the 2nd half...

    These guys are jokers. They are careless pricks

    Man imagine what Mitchell would do for our team

    I dislike Evan Fournier very much.

    I was told there would be no math involved, but by my calculations, the Jazz closed that quarter on a 25-3 run

    How can this team lose so many large leads OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!?

    Mitchell is straight up embarrassing Evan. He needs to ask to go to the bench before he loses what little confidence he has left.

    All you can do is laugh at this point. That DJ heave was our only bucket during this stretch.

    How can a team play so good and so bad in the same night? I can’t take this anymore!

    I wish there was a limit to completely SUCKING at basketball. But the Magic keeps raising the ****ing bar.

    We've had one basket in the last 17 possessions. Jesus.

    63 points at the half. 89 with 2:30 remaining in the 4th. That’s unnacceptable for a ****ing professional NBA team.

    My eyes hurt dudes

    Did they bust out the champagne in the locker room at half time or something?

    Evan Fournier is FINISHED. He’s like melo, shouldn’t be starting for any team in the nba

    Up by 21, lose by 14... Wtf..???

    Grade school shooting...

    What a Travesty, Gobert take the best french trophy man. Fournier just disqualified himself. Magic gotta do some team drills. It's embarassing.

    It’s Mitchell. EF can’t guard him and he’s scoring at will.

    Even the jazz announcers talking about our body language... we need more heart

    How is possible to have Stat like Fournier? 0 baskets, 0 rebounds and 0 assists? For 37 minutes, this is unreal


    Sell the team. Move to Seattle.

    All i can say is lol and i am a Magic fan and even though we were up by 17 at halftime i still new we would lose this game and not score much in the 2nd half and i was right on both counts boy do i know my own team lol. A battle of the sg Fournier vs Mitchell and these are the stats right now , Fournier 36 minutes, 1 point, 0 rebounds, 0 assists, fg 0-8, 3pt 0-4, ft 1-2 lol and how the hell was Fournier a +5 with those stats lol, Mitchell 37 minutes , 33 points, 4 rebounds , 7 assists , fg 12-21, 3pt 4-7, ft 5-6 and Mitchell ends up at 0 lol how is Fournier a +5 and Mitchell a 0 lol, this matchup was the ballgame and there are alot of reasons why we lost but this matchup was the biggest reason of them all lol.

    I was at this game tonight, and as one of the only magic fans in the arena i can say I’ve never been more sad and embarrassed in my life. The first half was incredible then we do what we always do and blew it.

    I've never been more embarrassed to be a Magic fan. My passion is fading. Very disappointed in the way this team and management conducts itself.

    I hope we're tanking, no team can legitimately be this bad

    This team never gets tired of embarrassing their fans. Pathetic.

    Nothing magical at all about this bunch of bums

    We turned a 17 point halftime lead into a deficit.in one quarter. We were outscored by 20 in third quarter alone. Evan Fournier has the same amount of points rebounds and assists as I do.

    This team sucks. The coach sucks. Just sell the team already. 30 years of misery and it’s so predictable.

    After blowing a 21 point lead. Please just walk home. Thank you for the continuous embarrassment

    ****ing pathetic. Never seen a team pull this **** more than the Magic do.

    30 total points in the second half. This team is awful and the coach is ever worse.

    The first half was lucky. 2nd half was both teams playing their typical game.

    Trash alway trash.
    Lead 23pt and lose 13pt

    Orlando tragic...again

    This is the most pathetic basketball I've ever seen this team play.

    Worst team of all time, trade everyone and start over

    I'm a loyal fan but there's never any reward for cheering for this team

    Not often teams get out scored 60-30 In a half up 17 at half lose by 13! Fun times

    Thank god evan fournier played 36 minutes and scored 1 ****ing point. How pathetic can this franchise be..... fire everyone. Cant even ****ing tank properly. Have missed on every ****ing draft and signed terrible contracts.

    Worst franchise in Sports. The Magic has to end.

    Not only was that ”highlight” a total fluke, your team just played quite possibly one of the worst second halves in nba history. 63 pts and up by 17 at the half, and then you score 30 in the 2nd half and lose by 13. Absurdly bad. Atrocious. Feel free to add more adjectives

    Can i refund this Aaron Gordon jersey. I cant rep this team anymore

    I've watched every single god damn game this season and I think I've had enough. It's so incredibly frustrating to watch this team collapse night after night, it's draining and miserable. I love the magic but these last 6 years have hurt so ****ing bad, please god someone in this organization do something.

    Basketball games are so much fun to watch...for whoever tf plays us. Every other game we seem to give the opposing team their greatest comeback game of the season.

    30 points in the second half boys. 30.

    These guys hate each other.
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    Oof that was depressing. Not even any self deprecating comments, just disappointment.
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    Lol, this one was my favorite.
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    "How can a team play so good and so bad in the same night?"

    This is how I feel with the Jazz half their games.
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    Dec 27, 2010
    I’ll get the matches ready.
    Yup, I guess someone has to win.
    And by far the best trash talker on the floor.

    That’s one way to look at it I guess.
    That ship has sailed.
    Nothing Jesus can do now.
    In the almighty words of Homer Simpson. These are the suckiest sucks that ever did suck!!!
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    Dec 21, 2016
    This was kind of how I felt, although it wasn't all luck for them the first half. We weren't as inspired on defense as we needed to be.
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    May 26, 2010
    I don't usually feel bad for opposing teams' fans but I feel bad for Magic fans after reading those comments.
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    JAZZGASM Guest

    Yeah, they hit a lot of shots, but they also got a ton of WIDE open shots, so it isn't that surprising. The Jazz defense in each half was night and day.
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    Pretty depressing. Kind of like a death row inmate who has exhausted all his appeals.

    Of course, Jazz fans must have felt the same way when Lindsey stripped the team of a bench and left Corbin to coach 5-6 NBA players and a bunch of scrubs.
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    Wow, I know we've been disappointed in the jazz this year, but damn is any fan base this negative on their team? I legit feel bad for them.
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