Raptors take Jazz lightly, Utah escapes with win

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  1. Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles (2) passes the ball around Toronto Raptors centre Jakob Poeltl (42) as forward CJ Miles (0) and forward Serge Ibaka (9) ... Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan (10) drives to the net as Utah Jazz guard Ricky Rubio (3) defends during second half NBA basketball action in ...

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Discussion in 'Jazz Newz' started by Google News - Utah Jazz, Jan 26, 2018.

    1. Google News - Utah Jazz
      Google News - Utah Jazz
      TORONTO - Ricky Rubio drained a three-pointer with 4.8 seconds remaining as the Utah Jazz edged the Toronto Raptors 97-93 on Friday night at Air Canada Centre. Donovan Mitchell had a team-high 26 points while Rubio finished with 14 points, six assists and six rebounds in the win. Utah (21-26) ...

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    2. Google News - Utah Jazz
      Google News - Utah Jazz
      Three-point shooting hasn't been a strength for Utah Jazz guard Ricky Rubio, who for his NBA career is just a 31.1 percent shooting from beyond the arc. With that being the case, some may have expected a more boisterous reaction when he knocked down a 3 with 4.8 seconds remaining to give Utah a ...

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    3. By Ian Harrison
      By Ian Harrison
      Ricky Rubio's 3-pointer with 4 seconds remaining gave the Utah Jazz a 97-93 victory over the Toronto Raptors on Friday night.

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    4. Google News - Utah Jazz
      Google News - Utah Jazz
      Australian Joe Ingles has helped his Utah Jazz to a tight 97-93 NBA win over the Toronto Raptors. Donovan Mitchell top-scored for Utah with 26 points but Australian Joe Ingles was in the thick of the action with 11 points and four rebounds as the Jazz enjoyed a 97-93 win over the Toronto Raptors.

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    5. KSL - Local News
      KSL - Local News
      Three thoughts on the Jazz getting a win against one of the Eastern Conference's best thanks to the leadership of their two stars, how Jonas Valanciunas earned his points (it's not Gobert's fault!), and the Jazz's bench substitution patterns.

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    6. Clint Johnson
      Clint Johnson
      Ricky Rubio’s (3) game winning three with less than five seconds left gave Utah its seventh road win of the season–and the Raptors their fifth home loss. (spin.ph)

      Story of the Game

      It’s questionable whether one game can truly change the course of a season, but if that is possible the Utah Jazz’s 97 – 93 victory over the Toronto Raptors in Toronto just might prove that type of game.

      Coming off two wins in their last three contests and three wins in their last five, Utah played with a competitive fire and confidence that has been missing much of the season, particularly on the road. A strong first quarter saw every Jazz starter plus Jonus Jerebko score four or more points en route to a 30-point first quarter.

      Unfortunately, as well as Utah played for much of the game there were stretches where the energy and execution lagged, an in those spots Toronto threatened to grab the game by the throat. Actually, it was pretty much Jonus Valanciunas who threatened to choke the life out of the Jazz by himself. By halftime he had 17 points, nine rebounds, and three blocks and had led the Raptors back from a six point deficit after the first quarter to a three point halftime lead.

      The Jazz entered the third quarter lethargic and cold, at one point missing 11 straight shots between the end of the second quarter and into the third. Toronto’s lead ballooned to a high for either team of 12. Then, thanks largely to Rudy Gobert’s energy and willingness to bang with the thicker player, Valanciunas picked up three quick fouls, which added to his one foul in the first half took him out of the game.

      Then Donovan Mitchell took over. The jump shot that has been failing him more often of late shored up and he nailed three of four threes in the quarter on the way to 15 points in the period. Rallying around their star rookie, Utah produced another 30-point quarter and snatched back the six-point lead they’d earned after their strong first period.

      The fourth was a defensive battle with neither team shooting well — 33 percent for Utah and 36 for Toronto – but with each team making three big threes. Yet Toronto crept ahead, and for a team with the second-best home record in the league it must have felt like a near-certain win. Up by one with 19 seconds remaining, they needed only a single stop against a team that has had tremendous offensive problems closing games.

      Despite some rough outings in the clutch late, Quin Snyder put the ball in Mitchell’s hands again. But unlike in the past, the play did not start with a player running to give Mitchell a screen. In the past, team’s have doubled Mitchell hard on picks, getting him to turn the ball over. Tonight, Snyder let Mitchell start the game’s defining play in isolation, with only the University of Utah’s own Delon Wright in range to check the super-quick guard.

      Mitchell took Wright off the dribble then crossed over, and the threat of the rookie going one-on-one was enough to pull Kyle Lowry off Ricky Rubio. It was almost certainly the Raptors’s defensive plan that if help were needed it should come off the poor shooting guard. But Mitchell didn’t hesitate, hitting Rubio right in the hands with a perfect pass.

      Rubio calmly lifted the ball, bending slightly at the knee as Lowry scrambled back to him, and with five seconds left let fly from long range. The ball knocked off the back of the rim and through.

      What the clip doesn’t show is one of the most memorable Jazz moments this NBA season: Rubio’s intense, unblinking stare fixed on Mitchell, who matches the stare with a broad grin and bobbing head, yeah, yeah, yeah!, as the two walk to each other in mutual admiration and acknowledgement.

      If the Jazz have any chance of making the playoffs, they have to win games no one expects. They won this game that no one expected. Maybe, just maybe, it might prove a victory capable of turning the season.

      Stars of the Game

      Superstars: Donovan Mitchell (26 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 4 threes) and Rudy Gobert (18 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, 2 blocks)

      Mitchell fought through a recent shooting slump and the considerable fatigue the rookie must be feeling to put up a massive 20-point second half, including making four of seven attempts from long range. Unlike in recent close games, he didn’t turn the ball over, thanks in part to Snyder’s decision to let Mitchell operate at the top of the key without screens to initiate the offense. Without a ready double-teamer close at hand, defenders had to risk covering lots of space to double Mitchell, which set up the rookie’s game winning assist to a wide open Rubio.

      Gobert may never have faced opposing centers who thrived to such a degree in consecutive games as Andre Drummond’s recent 30/20 game and Valanciunas tonight, who ended the game with 28 points, 14 rebounds, and four blocks. But Gobert’s substantial impact shouldn’t be lost because his opponent played well. Every team places Gobert at the top of their offenses game plan, and he can anticipate getting stiff resistance from the centers in the league with greater bulk than he has, as in these last two games. His ability to give as well as he gets, as he did tonight, will be key.

      Mitchell and Gobert are the Jazz core because tonight’s production isn’t out of character for these two players. They’re authentic stars.

      Secondary Star: Ricky Rubio (14 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals, 2 threes)

      Rubio has taken a walloping from critics this season, including plenty from myself, and so he deserved that fierce staredown moment with Mitchell after hitting the game winner in perhaps Utah’s biggest victory of the season. Rubio made two of three from long range tonight, and Utah’s offense can get him an open three on any and every possession — as proven by the game winner. When he makes open threes, Utah is a completely different team. While that is likely too much to expect on a consistent basis, there is some good news in that the Spaniard has five or more assists in his last six games, his first such streak this season. He just might be finding his way within the offense.

      Secret Star: None

      This win is thanks entirely to Utah’s starters, who scored 79 of the team’s 97 points and shot 50 percent from the field and 60 percent from three. The bench scored 18 on 22 percent shooting overall and 17 accuracy from three.

      Stats of the Game

      24 – The Jazz held Toronto, third in the league at 111 points per game, to 24 points in 3 separate quarters and 21 in the other. The defensive effort was strong.

      14 percent – Notorious Jazz killer Kyle Lowry’s field goal percentage on his two of 14 night. He missed all six threes.

      7 to 0 – Utah’s scoring run to close out the game.

      13 – Raptor blocked shots as they repeatedly turned back Utah’s attempts to attack the paint, which helped them outscore Utah by 12 down low.

      48 percent – Three point shooting by the Jazz compared to 26 percent by Toronto.


      • Rubio had two awesome outlet passes that led to dunks, one to Royce O’Neale and one to Mitchell. He seems to be figuring out how to do more of what he’s good at and less of what he struggles with. If the Jazz can up the pace, run the court and give him early pass targets, that should really help.
      • It was a strong showing by Raptors with Utah connections. The University of Utah’s Delon Wright had a strong game with five points, six rebounds, three assists, and a steal, and his fellow alum Jacob Poeltl added four points, six rebounds, and a ridiculous five blocks in 21 minutes! Meanwhile, former Jazz player CJ Miles was the best offensive punch off the bench for either team, scoring 10 on eight shots, including two made threes.
      • The Raptors started the fourth quarter with a seven-point run. They also had an 18 to five run in the second quarter. If the Jazz hadn’t had a few such obvious slips, this game would never have had to come down to the wire.
      • Lowry just doesn’t look like the same guy the league has seen the past few seasons. On the season he’s averaging 16.5 points, just under seven assists, and nearly six rebounds, but he was easily over 20 a night the past two years. His field goal attempts are down as is his shooting percentage. The Raptors are really good, maybe the best team in the East, but Lowry doesn’t look quite up to his recent seasons’s standard. Tonight he was awful.
      • Jerebko loosed two of the ugliest hooks in NBA history. That shot may need to be retired.
      • This is Utah’s first win in Toronto since a triple overtime thriller in 2012. Apparently, wins north of the border aren’t easy for the Jazz, nor are they boring.

      The Jazz have won three of four games, with two of those victories coming against teams in playoff position at the time of Utah’s win. They’ve done that without Rodney Hood available. The next few weeks leading to the trade deadline will be fascinating to watch, especially if Utah pulls out another few unexpected wins like this one. They’ll try to do just that against the defending champion Warriors on Tuesday.

      Author information

      Clint Johnson
      Clint Johnson is a professional author, writing educator, and editor. He teaches writing at Salt Lake Community College. A frequent presenter at both writing and educational conferences, he writes about the Jazz as a break from his other writing work.

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    7. Utah Jazz Radio
    8. Utah Jazz Radio
    9. Deseret News - Jazz
      Deseret News - Jazz

      TORONTO — A sellout crowd of nearly 20,000 fans jumped to their feet in Air Canada Centre Friday as Donovan Mitchell dribbled near midcourt with 12 seconds remaining.

      Around the nine-second mark, Mitchell made his move with a crossover to get by Toronto Raptors guard Delon Wright before being hit with a double team from Kyle Lowry.

      As Lowry committed, Mitchell made the correct read by spotting Ricky Rubio all alone beyond the arc. As soon as it hit Rubio’s hands, he let it fly. Bang!

      Rubio’s go-ahead 3-pointer with five seconds remaining were his only points of the second half, but they helped the Utah Jazz hand the Toronto Raptors a rare 97-93 home defeat.

      “It was easy to take that shot,” said Rubio, who ended with 14 points, six assists and six rebounds. “I was open and had to take it. There was no other option. It felt good.”

      Just two nights ago, Rubio was also huge with 11 points, 10 rebounds and five assists to help the Jazz beat Detroit in overtime, 98-95. Rubio’s pinpoint inbound pass to Joe Ingles for a clutch layup helped send that game into the extra period.

      “I feel good playing in the crunch time,” Rubio said. “That’s when experience comes in and I know how to be good in those moments.”

      Mitchell was also spectacular, posting 20 of his team-high 26 points in the second half. Making the right pass to Rubio came naturally instead of forcing it, even on a night where his shots were falling.

      “Just have confidence in your teammates,” Mitchell said. “We take those shots all the time, and he makes big shots.

      “He’s done that since he’s first got here and over his career. I knew they were going to double me and sag off him, so I made the right play instead of forcing it.”

      With the win, Utah (20-28) has put together its first win streak since early December. The Jazz did it with defense, holding Raptors All-Star Kyle Lowry to just five points on 2-for-14 shooting. DeMar DeRozan did finish with 19 points, eight assists and six rebounds, but shot just 7 for 22 from the field, including a missed mid-range jumper that could’ve tied the game with two seconds remaining.

      Jonas Valanciunas went off for a season-high 28 points, 14 rebounds and four blocks, but Jazz center Rudy Gobert also put up big numbers with 18 points, 15 boards and two blocks. Utah outscored Toronto 54-42 in the paint as Derrick Favors added 10 points and nine rebounds. Utah also pulled itself out of a 12-point deficit with a 30-21 run in the third quarter, even without Rodney Hood, who missed his fourth straight game with a lower leg contusion.

      “That’s who we are, that’s the team we want to be, and if we defend like that every night, we’ve got a chance to win every night,” Gobert said. “Ricky hit some big shots tonight, Joe (Ingles) hit the big shot, but the main thing that you don’t see on the stats is that we got the shots that we needed."

      Canadian superstar rapper Drake wasn’t in attendance for the “Welcome Toronto” game, where the Raptors sported black/gold uniforms in an OVO theme. The court was also black and gold with Drake, Toronto’s global ambassador, being the inspiration behind the specialty night.

      Utah will now return to Salt Lake City to face the defending champion Golden State Warriors on their home court at 7 p.m. MST Tuesday. The Jazz will then break out their gradient City Edition court and uniforms, inspired by Utah’s natural beauty.

      “We’re a work in progress, and I think as much as anything there’s a way that we have to play that’s going to make us competitive,” said Jazz coach Quin Snyder after celebrating his 150th career victory. “It starts on the defensive end.”

    10. hansenjames
      Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert are starting to gel

      All of a sudden Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell are starting to gel for the Utah Jazz. Both had stretches during their game with the Toronto Raptors where they were dominant. Mitchell with his offensive flourishes and Gobert bullying players down low.

      Ricky Rubio was phenomenal tonight setting up players, getting rebounds and hitting shots, including the game winner.

      Derrick Favors played great and showed incredible heart. Whatever happens up until trade deadline, Derrick Favors has been an incredible part of this team and city. Thank you, Derrick.

      Utah Jazz vs Toronto Raptors: Post Game Reaction
      Utah Jazz vs Toronto Raptors: Post Game Reaction

      Posted by SLC Dunk on Friday, January 26, 2018​

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    11. Deseret News - Jazz
      Deseret News - Jazz

      TORONTO — Through personal milestones, wins, losses, holidays or birthdays, one thing is for sure in Utah, Jazz coach Quin Snyder is always the same.

      He’s rarely ever too high or low.

      So after collecting coaching victory No. 150 when the Jazz upset the Toronto Raptors 97-93 on Friday, Snyder was more impressed with the team’s defensive performance.

      “The connectivity in our defense is something we wanted to improve,” Snyder said. “There’s been times it’s been there and times it hasn’t. It was there tonight in a lot of different ways.”


      Watching Jazz guard Ricky Rubio hold Raptors All-Star Kyle Lowry to five points and five turnovers on 2-for-14 shooting, seeing the Toronto shoot 38.9 percent from the field and improving to 12-4 when holding teams below 100 points were more notable than win No. 150.

      If you’re around him enough, you’ll quickly realize that’s the way it is for Snyder.

      The former Duke guard was hired to coach the Jazz in 2014 after being an assistant in Atlanta. On Jan. 2, 2017, the 51-year-old collected his 100th win against Brooklyn.

      His overall record in Utah now improves to 150-145.

      Snyder possesses more than a decade of head coaching experience not only in the NBA, but also in the NBA Development League, in the NCAA and overseas.

      At Duke, he led the Blue Devils to three Final Four appearances throughout his collegiate playing career from 1985-89.

      The challenge for Utah now is to be able to concentrate through all difficult situations. Winning the last two games in Detroit in overtime and at Toronto was certainly a boost.

      “Guys tonight, I thought, came out and executed the game plan and their habits,” Snyder said. “Sometimes you’ve been working on stuff, you don’t see it and then it starts to show up when guys concentrate more.”

      TORONTO UTES: Former University of Utah stars Delon Wright and Jakob Poeltl continue to fulfill key roles for the Raptors this season. Wright ended with five points, six rebounds and three assists in 19 minutes while Poeltl logged four points, six rebounds and five blocks in 20 minutes versus Utah. Raptors coach Dwane Casey has high praise for the duo.

      “Love them,” Casey said. “Both of them are great competitors and I say this all the time that Larry Krystkowiak did a great job with all of his players, not just those two.”

      SUPER RUDY: Once the Jazz return from Toronto, Rudy Gobert will sign autographs for local fans at Larry H. Miller Lexus Murray from 5-6 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 27. Light refreshments and appetizers will be available. Everyone is welcome to attend on a first-come, first-served basis.

    12. David Locke
      David Locke
      Summary: A 7-0 run to close the game highlighted by a Ricky Rubio three propels the Jazz to a surprising win over on the NBA’s elite teams.
      • The Jazz defense was great tonight. The Raptors are the 4th best offensive team in the NBA and the Jazz completely knocked them out of their game. The Raptors are trying to hit early in their actions and the Jazz took them out of their systems.

      • The Jazz defense held the Raptors to one of their 5 poorest offensive games.

      • Rudy Gobert is an incredible force and to have him back on the floor makes such an enormous impact that I am almost embarrassed that we didn’t lead every story when he was out about his absence.

      • On the final play of the game Quin Snyder opted not to call a timeout. I am assuming he didn’t call timeout because teams have been doubling Donovan Mitchell and if he had the ball why call the timeout. The play call was for Donovan to go 1 on 1 and not use a pick, again because that brings another defender to the ball. Dwane Casey was screaming to Kyle Lowry to come double team and when Donovan heard that call he made the right play and swung the ball to Ricky Rubio who was wide open and hit a three to give the Jazz the deciding basket.

      • Jazz jumped to 10 point lead in the first quarter with great activity. They were forcing turnovers and getting baskets in the open court. The Raptors fired back and took a 3 point lead at the half. Then the Raptors stretched the lead to 12 in the 3rd quarter and they have only lost one game all year when they trailed going to the 4th quarter. The Jazz eclipsed the entire 12 point lead and took the lead by the time they entered the 4th quarter. However, the Raptors regained control going down the stretch and it felt as though one of the Eastern Conference best would pull out the win. However, the Jazz closed on a 7-0 run.

      • Joe Ingles had another huge three late in the game

      • The Jazz held the Raptors stars down. DeMar DeRozan was 7 of 22 tonight with 7 free throw attempts and Kyle Lowry was 2 for 14 and 0 for 6 from three. Jonas Valanciunas has a mammoth night, but this is because the Jazz were doing so much to defend Lowry and DeRozan. Rudy Gobert was playing a little higher on the pick and roll taking away the comfort zone for DeRozan and Lowry to work. This allows Valenciunas to get behind the defense and he did. He had 28 points and 14 rebounds, 5 of the them on the offensive end.

      • The Raptors are the #1 team in the NBA defending the paint. They also allow the third most amount of shots in the paint. The Jazz hit on just 21 of 49 shots in the paint. 49 is a lot of attempts, but being under 50% is a sign of how the Raptors defense works.

      • Donovan Mitchell had 26 points on 9 of 20 shooting and hit on 4 of 7 from three. He knocked down some big 4th quarter shots off the bounce.

      • Rudy Gobert finished with 18 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks.

      • Rudy Gobert’s defense was incredible and Derrick Favors had his 2nd straight super defensive outing.

      • You don’t get many wins this good in an NBA season. At the 2nd best home team in the NBA, who is 17-4 against below .500 teams, who is 2nd in the East, who has 2 4 time all-stars. Impressive performance.

      The post Stifling defense and a Ricky Rubio 3 give Jazz as good a win as you get. appeared first on Locked On Jazz.

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    13. Zachary Padmore
      Zachary Padmore
    14. UtahJazz.com
      The game was in Donovan Mitchell's hands as he slowly dribbled the ball on the Raptors logo just inside midcourt, the Jazz down by one an

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