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Rodney Hood

Still remember all the posters who were convinced Hood was going to be better than Hayward after his 2nd year then he went on to regress and eventually just focus on being a scorer at the expense of everything else.
I remember being at the Delta center for that draft and being pissed that we took Hood

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I remember going to the season-opener a bunch of years ago and wondering why Hood wasn't starting.
If he'd have gotten an endorsement from pepto bismol he could have been an all star. Just needed to control gastrointestinal distress.
Right now I'd say Hood and Hayward have had about the same production this year. So it's pretty close.
Haha Hayward. Another example of a player who has looked worse since leaving the Jazz. Quite a few of those type of players in the teams history.

You do realize he had a devastating injury I believe in like the first 4 minutes of his first game as a Celtic right?

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