Rudy has Covid 19


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No doubt in my mind they'll shut the league down by this weekend.

This is happening faster than any of us can register.
We expect to be closed to the public within two weeks at work. (I work at the states designated infections disease hospital.)


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If it's true, the whole jazz team is done for the season and quarantined for safety reason. The league probably suspend the season too.


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Well folks I just want to say it has been a pleasure interacting with you over the last 10+ years. Sorry if my snipping sarcasm ever offended you.

If we make it through this great, and if not I hope we meet again in a better life.

Do your best for the children...try not to go crazy in the next few days. Everyone is scared, help spread calm and civility where you can. God Bless.


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Apparently Chris Paul was behind the OKC player revolt. He raised the red flag when he found out Rudy was sick.