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SLC Dunk - Utah Jazz have workout with Gradey Dick, or he’s in Salt Lake for sightseeing purposes


James Hansen

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The question for the Jazz and Gradey Dick is will he fit team needs and is he being picked at value or not

According to Gradey Dick’s Instagram, he was in Salt Lake City recently, and it’s likely he was working out with the Utah Jazz. Although, I guess it’s possible he’s just interested in getting a Crown Burger.

Although in between possible crown burgers, he did appear to get a workout done in the Jazz’s workout facility.

Gradey Dick Instagram
Gradey Dick Instagram

Dick showed an impressive ability to shoot the ball at Kansas and is one of the more dynamic shooters in the draft.

The question that comes with Gradey Dick is can he defend, and how high are you willing to pick a player that will play off the ball the majority of the time?

We’re seeing in the finals a player like Duncan Robinson is proving to be a big part of what the Heat are doing, but do you want to pick a player like that at 9, or is it someone you pick at 16?

The positive with Dick is that it’s a pretty sure thing that he will be a great shooter when he enters the league, and that’s always a valuable skill for teams. If he can find a way to be a serviceable defender, then he becomes really valuable. At times in college he was targeted by opposing offenses, and it’s hard to see that getting any easier in the NBA. As always, we’ll see how the draft pans out, if Dick is there at 16, it’s hard to see the Jazz passing on his ability to shoot the ball.

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