Still More Quotes from the Rockets' forums after Jazz win Game 2


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Poorer defense: Lack of rotation defense in the first half especially on the three point line. Ingles was lighting it up and we kept leaving him open. First quarter they boxed out Clint from the point and they got it going offensively. Had a lack of defensive intensity in the first half and end of fourth quarter. Very similar to our loss in Minnesota, no intensity on defense leads to comfortable shots on the offensive end for the Jazz.

Gotta hit our shots: If we are going to live and die by the three we gotta hit them especially id they’re good open looks. Too many open three misses leads to a lack of offensive momentum. @EG @Tucker @Ariza @Basically everyone No one could find their stroke

Harden fishing for fouls Harden kept looking for the foul rather than the open shot. Looking for fouls isn’t going to get us offensive momentum. Although it was a 2 score game towards the end of the fourth, it felt like the game was firmly in Utah’s hands purely bc most of our points were coming from FTs. Going strong to the basket and getting contact (like what happened in the 3rd) is how we go on a run.

Harden Capela Pick&Roll That pick and roll is so deadly and it was basically all of our first quarter points. So why did we stop doing it? Capela kept getting subbed out out for Tucker or Ryan, but Clint’s a big part of our offense.

Keep the ball in Hardens hands It may be just me, but I feel more confident when Harden has the ball as opposed to when CP3 has the ball. Harden is just too much for defenders offensively and the Jazz kept denying him the ball.

Overall: U win some, you lose some. We just couldn’t find our shot tonight. Hopefully the rockets will wake up in Game 3, Houston in 5 baby

I hate to say it, but we just got ****ing jingled

Man I just love watching good basketball. When we’re not playing each other I usually root for y’all. Quinn Snyder is a bad ***, gobert is a ****ing monster, and Donovan Mitchell will most likely be a perennial all star. All that being said I still have to say **** the jazz because it’s tradition down here (good game tho)

Snyder is coaching circles around D'Antoni, but to be fair, he does that to most

Can we not leave Ingles open all game next game

Role players were afraid to shoot the three tonight and i cost them. Can’t get out shot by the Jazz and expect to win

Remember y'all Joe Ingles came into the Post-season with the best 3-PT % shooting for the season. He'll be deadly from deep, but our roster should be effective against the Burke, Crowder, and Exum. Gobert being more dominant on the glass and multiple blocks were effective against us, but we have won these matches in the regular season. We should be ready for Friday!

We deserved to lose after gifting a 44% 3pt shooter that many wide-open looks

Hot Take: the Utah Jazz are a good basketball team that H-Town can’t coast against

I’d be more worried about Donovan Mitchell getting another crazy dunk. That one dunk was demoralizing AF

Tillman needs to do something. This crowd tonight was absolute ****. That playoff game felt like a exhibition. The people who sit in the lower bowl should be ashamed of themselves. Plenty of us on the game threads every game would love to be able to attend any one of these games. These people take this **** for granted and it pisses me the **** off.

Not looking forward to games with Mitchell for seasons to come. Seriously why did this one individual have to be born. Why

Don’t know why they decided to trap and double crowder leaving Mitchell free for a easy layup to go up 8 at the end there.

It's frustrating bc I know the Rockets can play 10x better than this. Tonight was just embarrassing...D was nonexistent and offense wasn't much better. Figure ya **** out boys, the Jazz can't have us figured out in the space of 1 game

Except the Timberwolves won with unbelievable shooting despite good defense and poor shooting from us. And they won at their place.

The Jazz are a better team, won because our defense left them open, and won in our place. Oh, and they were 3-0 vs OKC at their place.

Man, we got jingled.

Our bench **** the bed hard. 44 pts vs 21 pts

Man I’d kill for Joe Ingles taking all the shots PJ Tucker’s taking

Jazz came in wanting to win, and did. Refs were trash. But, they didn't cause the Rockets to lose.

And yes, screw that crowd. I can't believe how dead it was. Utah home crowd about to embarrass them. lol

I guess Quin Snyder must have downloaded Kobe's Detail onto his iphone just before the start of this game. :/

5/16 from Eric Gordon, 2/9 from PJ Tucker and giving the Jazz 116 points. Pathetic.

What an embarrassment for the Rockets. No excuses. Pathetic, all around and the D was as bad as I’ve ever seen it.

Hope we can figure our **** out by Friday. 25% shooting isn't gonna cut it. Fouls, shoddy defense, missed shot after shot...step it up boys.

If you blame the fans you are implying we have no chance at Jazz home court. They are underwhelming I get what you are implying here tho


Here's the problem with losing this game to the Jazz: They don't have Rubio. If they're able to beat the Rockets without one of their starters, then what does that say?

Exum basically acted like harden pushed him to the shadow realm... c***..

Why would you leave Toby of all people open.

Me no habla Ingles

Jazz shot 50% from three tonight. Making 15. Most of them wide open and by their shooter.

Giving up open looks to Exum is fine, but you have to at least contest a little bit.

Felt like no one was within 10 feet of Ingles this whole game.

We aren’t going to win giving up that.

Credit the Jazz for coming prepared and ready to strike. Rockets didn’t not come out ready to fight.

Terrible loss. Really need to get both at Utah.

Playoffs are never easy but our depth was meant to be our strength. Dante Exum outplaying Gordo was not something I could have ever expected. Needs to turn around fast

Oh man, it's gonna be so loud in Polygamy center. I hate Utah.

PJ needs to cut off one of his balls and distribute it among the rest of the team.

As in early Round 1, the issue for the #Rockets is stopping dribble penetration. Exum and Mitchell are just blowing by whoever picks them up on the perimeter. Open 3s result from second defender having to help.

****** game but we’re a level above them as a team. Doesn’t guarantee we win this series but I think it’s still likely we win the next 3 in a row. Will have to play better than this to beat Golden State though.

No Rubio, no Rockets Killer Hood, we still played like hot garbage.

The jazz are no joke, man. They are what the Grizzles used to be.

The thing about getting up on Ingles and that Mitchell/Exum are blowing past Paul/Harden/Gordon/Ryno so our whole D collapses or else they get an easy lay up or a dump off to Gobert. Quinn Snyder is smart and has his players execute like Pop.
This reminds me of the Spurs semifinals from last season all over again.

The Jazz had no business winning this game. The Rockets took a long time to show up and then played right into the Jazz's hands.

I wish we could use that $18 - $20million we're gifting Ryan Anderson and get a guy who can actually play.

Gotta give it to the Jazz. They played exceptionally well.

Disappointed at our inability to make counter changes. (Switches in particular).

Our offense is still too easy to figure out. Defense is porous and inconsistent.

Alarming because both CP and Harden played fine.

And stop blaming the refs.

I’m nervous.

Now everyone is scared of the Jazz.

Bring on the Jazz, bring on the Jazz! Thunder, nooooo! Want no part of them! Bring on Utah! Anyone else find it hard to hate the Utah Jazz?

The Rockets have won without playing complete games. It caught up to them. The Jazz are no joke. Defensive adjustments need to be made.

And now we have to play in the toughest environment in basketball. Maybe we can comeback from a 3-1 deficit

But they have a legit star already in mitchell. Just prove how good Mitchell and how bad Hayward really is

Donovan Mitchell now leads the NBA in 4th quarter points this postseason with 60 in 8 games.

Chris paul has been at best the third best player in the playoffs thus far. He commits dumb turnovers left and right. He looks like a different player in the playoffs. Those turnovers dont happen in the regular season. He needs to step it up.

I'm cool, I'm confident the Rockets will bounce back, but how the hell does the coaching staff not prepare the guys for that slip pick and roll when the jazz were using that with success at the end of game 1 and the beginning of game 2? No excuse.

Dudes just have to hit shots, I dont know what else to say. When Paul was out there running the offense without Harden, he did nothing to move the needle. I was really disappointed in Paul tonight.

I thought Utah would self-destruct after we came back from 19 down. Respect to them. Looks like we’re going to have to work for this.

Sad thing is that we did a good job against Mitchell, but we let guys like Exum and Burks kill us...and yeah, that's really bad.

Joe Ingles was one of the guys I thought the Rockets should have targeted last offseason because all he does is make 3's and hustle. I'm happy with the guys the Rockets did get, but seriously, how the #$!@ do you not keep an eye on him when he's at the 3pt line? ALL HE DOES IS SHOOT 3s. And he's really good at it!

What Utah just did at Houston was so impressive because it doesn't have its QB, Rubio. Obviously, Ingles won't keep making 7 threes & the Rockets won't keep shooting 27% from three. But this Utah team is MENTALLY TOUGHER than the Rockets.

Rockets love you but pleaae develop a killer instinct

-we did great on mitchell, he really seems bothered generally by our length. He's pretty insane for a rookie in the clutch though. but overall luc played great on him and trevor got blown by just a few times that i can remember. I don't know if all his assists came from me missing the 1st quarter and him blowing by everyone one-on-one or on the pick n roll. there were 2 times that Capela rushed onto him for no reason (one where trevor def didn't need it) and it resulted in two dunks by gobert.
-Freakin Ingles didn't just make his shots as if there's nothing we could do about it, but they were WIDE open looks. Once he hit 2-3 of them, he even started making the contested one-on-one shots on our bigs. If we let him be THAT open, it really opens up their offense. I think this was probably the #1 thing that did us in defensively. Sure Exum and crowder hit shots, but you got to choose to let them shoot over Ingles. Him having 27 is ridiculous. Change the rotations on this or something ... Make that O'neal guy shoot
-Burks definitely was their bench wildcard that outplayed EG (who's been so terrible for so long ... though his 3 was actually on-ish tonight). his drives to the rim stopped what tends to be cp's run when cp goes against the opposing team's bench. Gordon being so inconsistent also contributes to this.

NBA Twitter is downright giddy that the Rockets lost tonight.

Guarantee you that clowns like Chris Ryan on The Ringer and Andrew Sharp on SI Open Floor can't wait to gloat about the Jazz winning on their ****** podcasts.

Ignoring or discrediting the Rockets when they win and piling **** on them and saying told you so when they lose has been their m.o all season

Dante Exum hasnt made a three all postseason... he went 2/3 tonight. Alec Burks hasnt scored 15 points since January... he had 17 tonight.

there are four, yes 4 utah jazz players at the postgame press table right now. they really milking this win like they know it's their last

Paul was so supposed to motivate this team and inspire confidence like a vocal leader. Harden has never been taken up that role so Chris was supposed to step up to be the locker room leader. My guess is that since this team is full of vets, he thinks he doesn't need to speak up and tell everyone to be professionals. If you listen to his interviews, he's always saying "we all know what we supposed to do..we vets". That won't do Chris. We need someone to hype everyone up. That's what Jae Crowder is doing for the Jazz. It's what Draymond does for the Warriors.

Which is inexcusable. Did they not watch the Jazz-Thunder series? Utah lost Game 1, had a hobbled Mitchell going into Game 2, and then proceeded to win 3 straight and nearly closed the series out in OKC in Game 5. And they recovered nicely from that choke job to finish off the Thunder in Game 6. And that's to say nothing of their 31-10 record in the 2nd half of the season.

This is not some fluke 2nd round team like the 1994 Nuggets(and hell, even that bunch came back from an 0-3 deficit and took Utah to Game 7 before finally losing). This is a legit group that finished 5th in the West, just smacked OKC, and won a playoff series last year(against CP3 and Luc, no less). If that's not enough to garner respect from you, what is?

Everybody on that Jazz team is a playmaker. Ingles gets the ball and looks for slashing players, Gobert gets the ball and looks for cutters, Mitchell ....

It'sgoing to confuse us and tire us. How did we react to this? Letting Ingles open for 3's also our offense looked like shot when people are just standing around waiting for Harden to get us a shot.

2 more games at Houston who have the worst crowd in the playoffs and 3 more games in Utah who have the best home crowd next to the Warriors. No bueno.


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The thing that these threads have taught me tonight is that I really dislike Rockets fans more than Thunder fans. They seem so entitled and it's like pulling teeth to get them to acknowledge that Utah is a real threat. All they do is slam our players and say their team didn't try. I hope we win all our home games the rest of the way. I want to read the threads after game six when their team is sent fishing.


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Donovan Mitchell now leads the NBA in 4th quarter points this postseason with 60 in 8 games.

This - more than anything else that the kid has done all year - is remarkable. Jordan. Bird. Kobe. LeBron. All guys who have that skill to turn up the juice when the game/season is on the line. It’s rare.

He did it in the regular season, and I wondered if he could keep pace in the postseason - especially knowing that he’d face defenders like Westbrook, PG13 and CP3. He’s wildly exceeded any expectations on that end of things. Superstar. And everyone knows it. Legacies are built in the playoffs.

Utah Jazz basketball is going to be fun for a LONG time boys (and girls). He’s only just getting started.
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"Not looking forward to games with Mitchell for seasons to come. Seriously why did this one individual have to be born. Why"

Really made me laugh. Thank you to Donovan's parents.