The Batman


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Wasn't terribly excited when they announced the actor playing Batman but this actually looks pretty good. It is supposed to be Bruce Wayne's 2nd year as Batman so very unpolished and crude. Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin all are not what they eventually become. Apparently they shut down shooting today because Pattinson has the Rona.



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That's funny, Pattinson being in it was the only thing that made me curious about it

Wes Mantooth

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Pattinson has a really nice resumé over the last 5-7 years. Dude’s a legit actor and is probably the main reason I was intrigued by this. It also has a solid supporting cast so the question is, how’s the script and can Matt Reeves do a great job? I’m skeptical about the latter though he has done some solid films. But, imo, to be worthwhile, he can’t just be making a solid film. He has to make a very strong or great Batman here. We’ve already seen great versions and don’t need lesser ones that leave us feeling like, whatever, TDK was so much better.