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The Jazz's Next 20 Games -- Jazz go 10-10

How many wins will the Jazz have in their next 20 games?

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Did just beat Nuggets in Denver, though. Also, Bogey is bound to go off for 11/13 from 3 with ~40 points.
They beat Nuggets 53-22 in bench points. Both teams were horrible from 3 (DET 28.6, DEN 26.3). Detroit did close out the game well after Denver got in striking distance though.

MT Steve

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Jazz seem to play better against good teams this year. They might win one of these games.

3 losses separate them and OKC who is currently 12th seed in the WC.
Pretty misleading statement considering the Jazz have also played 2 more games than OKC.


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8-10 with 2 games to go
Well many of us did see this coming, voting in the 6-10 range. Not a surprise. I am just concerned we will end up just missing the play-in, or worse, making the play-in, and end up with a pick in the 13-17 range instead of getting a real chance at a high pick. Hopefully the Wolves continue their slide and they net us a top 3 pick. Odd are our own pick won't end up there at this point. Unless we really go on a losing streak. But I see us winning more once Conley returns, enough to keep us at about .500 which would likely be enough for the play-in. Ugh. Can't even tank properly.


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I'd honestly rather see us losing while developing our young guys and determining which ones are keepers. The wins were fun but reality is creeping in quickly about our shortcomings. Let the vets play just enough to keep a little flow and to be on court coaches, but give the young guys the majority of the minutes. A competitive tank is the only way to go. Determine who will be staying, develop them and draft according to need. I think this is the way forward.