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The Jazz's Next 20 Games -- Jazz go 10-10

How many wins will the Jazz have in their next 20 games?

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Tonight can be a trap game. The Lakers got really ripped in the LA Times today after their meltdown vs. the Cavs yesterday. They might come in a bit testy.

I loved that article.

I dunno, though - I'm more on the side that the Lakers are atrocious. Could see them melting down more than I see them really clawing back into this thing.

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The Jazz are super easy money right now ATS.

The perception is they are a fluke so every game vegas plays that angle to bettors. But if you watch us and know what we do, especially this first part of the season, you can pay your monthly mortage off these gimme lines.

They will catch up soon but we have another week of this at the very least.

I would be interested in seeing our first half ATS stats as well. Got to be high. Feels like we’re almost always leading at half.


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I thought 6 was a reasonable guess, very tough schedule. 8 games in they already won 6....