The official "let's impeach Trump" thread


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Never Forget the awfulness of the last Republican administration

Oh yeah, I remember the desperation that lead Obama to wear a tan suit. Can you believe it? A tan suit! A TAN SUIT!!!1!1!1!!!

Obama: "My poll numbers are a lower than I'd like them to be. Got any ideas how to bring them up a little?"
Random Person: "Have you considered wearing a tan suit?"
Obama: "That's so ****ing crazy it just might work!"
Some Other Random Person: "But Mr. President, let's think about this. You're talking, seriously talking, about possibly wearing a tan suit. I mean you understand what you're talking about, right? Your suit would be tan. Like you know, tan."
Obama: "Yeah, I actually have a tan suit already. It's pretty nice. I actually look amazing in tan."
Random Person: "Sir, you always look amazing. I think you should go for it. Can you even imagine the looks on people's faces when they see the President of the United States of America strut out in a tan suit?"
Some Other Random Person: "This could backfire, sir. This could seriously backfire. I mean there's being a little edgy, being hip, but a tan suit might be pushing things a little too far."
Obama: "Yeah, **** it! I'm wearing the tan suit."


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This would be collusion

Nice to see this collusion confirmed. Mueller did not get into the counterintelligence aspects of the Russian investigation into the 2016 election, but we knew Manafort shared this data, and that it would be useful if Kilimnik passed it up the chain. And really, of course he would have done so.