TNT's Barkley and Webber like AJ on the Jazz


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Barkley and Webber just gave their two cents on the upcommng season and had had great things to say about Utah with AJ. Barkely thinks only Utah has a chance to challenge the Lakers out west.

Webber gave the "unstoppable" claim for AJ in conjunction with the aspects of the Jazz offense (screens and such.) He thinks Utah will be the "surprise in the West"

Kevin McHales added the same sort of accolades. They showed all the pumpfakes and up and unders on Gasol and no one mentioned Mchales tutoring skills....

Let's get the season started!


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McHale on the Celtics was impossible to stop in the low post. Makes Gasol look sluggish... I used to think McHale made some of those moves up during games... Barkley has said McHale was the best defender he ever had to go against. I've seen Sir Charles get very frustrated trying to score on McHale down low; could not get him off his feet with up-fakes, and wouldn't let Charles get his body into him. McHale had great feet; kept just far enough off Barkley to avoid contact, yet within reach to block any shot with those long arms Barkley would put up. Some classic matchups 'tween those two!!


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Jazz should have drafted McHale instead of Darrell G. It is nice to finally hear some national comments about the Jazz. I am already tired hearing about OKC and Portland.