Tough Day To Be In Law Enforcement

The Thriller

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This keeps getting worse and worse. Hope the victims’ families get a thorough investigation (although I wouldn’t bet on it)

“Yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did,” Jay Baker said during the joint news conference with the Atlanta Police Department about 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long.

But it seems the same spokesperson shared racist content online, including pointing the finger at China for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic—the same vitriol advocates say has fueled a horrific surge in violence against Asian Americans.
In a Facebook page associated with Capt. Jay Baker of the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office, several photos show the law enforcer was promoting T-shirts with the slogan “COVID-19 imported virus from CHY-NA.”
Imagine any other public employee getting away with posting **** like this. And then having such a disastrous press conference. Educators are fired for far less.

“bLuE lIvEs MaTtEr!”

As they disrespect races, act completely unprofessionally, and otherwise **** up. The “bro” culture in law enforcement needs to end. Reform the entire damn thing.

Nothing says “protect and serve” by posting **** like this
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Archie Moses

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I had to respond to this as I watched that same video on YT. The guy has been unrelenting for months in his quest to actually get the internal temperature up to an acceptable level.

It's genius really - beats 95% of the other garbage videos that YT loves to peddle for degenerate social influencers.
Totally agree. Haha.

It's just so fun to explain it to people who don't know.

The Thriller

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It’s one thing to be an idiot, but even more idiotic for an idiot to use social media.
And yet... these people determine whether you live or die depending on if they like what you look like. And if they **** up, they’ll probably never be held accountable.

No other profession operates with such impunity. A few teachers in jordan school district got into hot water for teaching a unit on African Americans last month... during black history month!

And yet police get to do whatever the **** they want without any accountability. Sit on a guy’s neck for 9 mins? Kill a woman in her apartment? Blow up a guy’s skull and have him bleed from his ear? Post racist **** on social media and hold a horrendous press conference? No problem cuz in this country blue lives matter and we must fetishize the police!

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