Trade for Jerami Grant

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I’ve wanted Grant for a few years now but I think that ship has sailed unless we’re willing to give up Rudy or Donovan.

I do think we need to address that 3/4 position. Bogie is a liability. If we can trade him for a more athletic player who can both defend and at least be a threat from the outside, that would be great.

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Cant tell if you're being facetious, but the black angle is 100% reality. It would just be a really weird PR move to trade the black unity player to Utah. It's not like they even need to trade Grant to keep losing.

So for everyone bitching about not signing Grant, does the guy who gave this reasoning for signing to a NBA team seem like he would ever pick Utah?
I just thought the idea of anyone saying me and Mason are a package deal was funny... that’s all


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If we got Grant from OKC in 2019 so that he never landed his foot in Denver, and therefore he would have never met Mason Plumlee. Then his thinking process on that contract extension with us, having already played in Utah for a year would be a whole lot different.

And like I said, if Grant won't sign, cool. Give that money to Wood. And we are solid going forward...... more solid than being stuck with Bogey and Favors for three more seasons