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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz


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Here is my trade of the day. We get the pick swap with the Clips 1st... they send a couple second rounders the Hornets way. Hornets get solid players with cheap deals for their expirings. Clips address the center and pg issues without trading the additional first they have.

We waive Wall and get Kennard/Jalen (who we extend)

Alright I reached the point where I fake traded a Plumlee or a Zeller so I'm done.


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Isaaaac has always intrigued me but I'm not sure they'd trade him, he literally just came back.
Fingers crossed. Orlando is always looking to save salary. I loved him as he outplayed Aaron Gordon and has a three point shot.

I would make the 2005 Cavs pick available with a top 5 protection. Jonathan could play small ball 5, the 4 and be an offball shooter. You shore up the frontcourt with defense for years to come and you would just need to fill out the backcourt. Add Amen Thompson to this and boom! Championship
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