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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

Anunoby just had a bad fall
The injury makes him MORE attractive for me. We collect an asset that doesn't help us win this year. The jazz have been like 3 - 4 losses out of a bottom 6 pick for a while. Hopefully he is out for a month and we rack up a nice 3 - 10 run in time to close out the season.

Trading a few assets plus cashing in some picks on OG makes tons of sense to me positional too. Ainge loves positionless basketball and length. Og is long, fills a defensive role without sacrificing shooting. Plus, he can play the 2, 3, or 4 with this lineup.

Grab a top pick in the 2023 draft and the rebuild is fast tracked like crazy.

Nets 2023 + 1 cavs and 1 wolves pick plus Olynyk or Vanderbilt for Og. Who says no?