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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

This is just high comedy all the way around. I’ll bet the Lakers had all the leverage and Marks wouldn’t send Kyrie to LA because he hates Pelinka.
Luka must be more discontent than they are letting on because this is some desperation **** for Dallas. They really risking it all for the flat earther?

I also don’t get the fit. They should have just maxed Brunson out and kept him.
Lakers would have had a legit shot at a title with Lebron/AD/Kyrie… Lebron could have kept Kyrie in check for a few months… what exactly are they waiting for? I think James getting traded this offseason.
Those players were under contract. This could be just a three month rental.
It gets more insane the more I think about it.

Even if he's told the Mavs he'll sign an extension... do you *want* to sell the farm to sign Kyrie Irving, of all people, to a big multiyear deal? Don't these people follow the NBA?

Hell, we don't even know what planet he'll be living on in a few years.