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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

This ain't your dad's NBA. If KD wants to, he could make Nets a circus. And, he kind of seems like the kind of guy that might want to do that.
Why do you keep pretending we didn't already see how that played out last summer.
He can bitch all he wants, he's on a long-term deal.
He actually likes playing basketball too… so he won’t sit out. I bet they trade him this summer though… I’m sure they have a wink type agreement that they will move him if he plays nice for the remainder of the season.
It sounds like Dallas didn’t get an extension agreed on ahead of time and it could turn into the most expensive half season rental of all-time.

If that's the case, they can open cap space and try to reboot with FAs. That might be their bigger-picture strategy anyway. Losing DFS hurts though.
Can the Nets reroute DFS to Utah for Sexton?

Seems like Brooklyn would need a guy like Sexton a bit more than another 3&D forward when they have a few of those (though DFS would be the best defender of them)