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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

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It’s 10 minutes and I’m going to bed. Does he throw out names of lockdown defenders or does he speak of them hypothetically?
Hypothetically. Says he wants to see the Jazz do a 2018 Cavs trade deadline overhaul by trading players, and draft capital to bring in a perimeter lockdown to build around Don and Rudy.

He also mentioned a sign and trade for Jalen Brunson.


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Andy Larsen, once made me hijack a paywall to read an article about moving walkways. If that's not talent, I don't know what is.

I would subscribe but 1 dolar is like 20 liras in Turkey.


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No head coach yet
No trades yet
No draft picks yet
Getting tired of waiting
All of this better happen tomorrow or else :) :) :) :) :)
I guess they're thinking 'well, we have no picks and trades aren't happening, so why rush getting a new coach...'


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Jazz shouldn't be trading any (more) future 1sts. That's suicide for the inevitable rebuild (unless they hit a Gobert or Donovan home-run with the selection which you can never plan on).

It is unbelievable how bad they stepped in it with the Favors debacle.
I agree.
Yall know I'm a big Grant Williams guy. I think he could be fantastic as a "5th best starter" and Draymond Green type player.

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Another reason not to just give away picks like they are candy.