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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

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Congratulations on retirement man. You play music for pleasure or for the masses?

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Hey thanks LoPo, much appreciated Sir. Concerning music, just a hobbyist really - good for the soul you know. I have a couple of friends (bass and drums) that I jam with. Also do the acoustic open mic thing occasionally.


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He's looked good when he's had his opportunity on the big stage. I think playing in some dimly lit gym with a handful of people in the stands must feel like being banished to Siberia for guys that have tasted the really big stage like Butler has. To me he's much better than mid second round just by virtue of his "Big game" performances. Plus he reminds me a bit of Jalen Brunson with his craftiness and toughness.
I hope your right but when he was made to look like total garbage by Rockets and Kings GLeaguers it makes you scratch your head. He ought to be running those guys out of the gym instead of vice versa.


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Yeah, I don’t know, seems like some kind of an old boys club around here. Whatever, too many petty little games for me. I mean I usually don’t stick around this long in the off-season but there’s been this palpable undercurrent of change since Ainge got hired and I just wanted to be in the know. So I respond occasionally to something that piques my interest and it’s generally an outright ignore. I generally have a lot more fun in the game threads but most these off-season guys are just here to jack each other off like they’re real GMs and coaches. Maybe if you kiss the ring enough times. I’ll never know cause that ain’t me. I really don’t have time for the masquerade anyway. Even in a couple weeks when I retire, I mean how many hypothetical Jazz scenarios can we entertain with our close circle of jerks before we’ve had enough. No wonder some of these guys are so god damn miserable!
How you dare to have a life?
Stay here in the mud creepy monster!


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Jazz are going to be discussing Gobert trade scenarios with Atlanta, and I think Atlanta is going to ask for Jordan Clarkson. Lou Williams is getting ancient, and they're going to lose Delon Wright in free agency.